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Race Evaluation

DVOA/Hickory Run: Blue


1. Had a slight advantage from the start when I saw which direction Boris took off. After making it to the trail and staying on it for a short while, dashed down and was lucky to cross the stream at the least green area. Run throug the clearing untill I saw the second stream ahead of me and curved to left toward the flag
2. Pretty much staight untill got the clearing and made it right to the rocks which led me down to the bag
3. Took a trail and took off for the stream. After crossing had no power charging that hill so I cruised along the stream to the clearing where from went by bearing precaushiously taking a bit to the left in order to catch a small reantrance on top the the hill as a attack point.
4. Dashed down( swear seening no one) to the trail for the passing and went steight from the curve. I thought I had enought with the green by the streams and the curve of the trail proved to be a perfect attack point
5. +01:00Took the bearing but ended up way to the left until I found myself in what looked like a reantrance. Got myself corrected and continued following the descend until I hit the puddle.
6. Pretty much on bearing with inclination to the left inorder to reduce the climb untill I found myself on the sper and than on the first clearing, then got the secon till the bag. ( bit walking up the hill felt like everlasting climb.) The trail around the hill followed by three distinct features in my oppinion was the winner. But whose brain can opperate at such heat???
7. +00:30Felt little beat refreshed sicne running downhill felt much better. After crossing the stream ignored taking a bearing and ended up at the bottom of the reantrance instead of being right on the control.
8. Said to myself to stay on the bearing and took it pretty much straight with little inclination to the left using the top of the hill as a attack point.
9. Straight
10. Deliberately strayed to the left to avoid green into white or what appeared to be white, After getting to the clearing where I reajusted my bearing according to my possition on the trail crawled over the spur, allmost got confused by the marsh that took place of the green and hit the rocks a bit from the right
11. Purposly beared to the left in order to attack by turning to the right uppon hitting the trail, but actually saw the bag before the trail and dashed to the right.
F. To sum up, unhappy, beaten up and tired, but have to say that it was a good opportunity for testing your bearing skills and ability to locate yourself in absense of almost any features on the poorly visible terrain.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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