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Race Evaluation

DVOA/Hickory Run: Blue


1. +00:30Hesitant going downhill thru rocks, more hesitation out in the yellow
2. +07:00Fell into the stream face first to start off. then across the hill, up the rock wall, across the hill and down on a bearing. Got distracted by unmapped clearings, got off my bearing and began stupidly wandering around. Decided i was too far north, finally found the right clearing.
3. Up the trail till the 90degree turn, slowly traversing the hill to the stream, then even slower up the hill. Hit the trail just north of the clearings and attacked from there. Saw Sergey leave the control in what i thought was a strange direction running really fast as i came in.
4. +07:00Ran downhill towards 4, hoping Sergey was making a mistake and hoping to catch him again. By the time i got to the thick green by the stream, i realized he was taking the much better route choice on the trail, which i didn't see because of a folded map. Crawled and fought and cursed my way through the dark green, gave up all hope of doing well today and slowly climbed the hill to 4, making another mistake in the circle, when i got confused which little pond i hit. Mostly walking at this point, very tired from yesterday and fighting through the green.
5. Decided to see if i can actually run on a bearing and took off at full speed. Spiked the control.
6. +01:00Saw Patrick as i was leaving 5, he was looking for it. We both commented on the poor quality of our races. Very slow the whole way, especially climbing the hill from the trail.
7. Clean but slow.
8. Same.
11. After battling through 11km of non-stop rocks and rocky ground unscathed, twisted my ankle pretty bad on flat, even ground. Great.
F. A very tough, physical course overall. I can't say i enjoyed it, but it did help me see some more weaknesses in my orienteering, such as the inability to consistently follow a bearing and the tendency to give in to physically challenging courses.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:30

Split Analysis

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