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Race Evaluation

OOC Cité des Jeunes: Long advanced


1. For what should have been a straightforward sprint, Alex and I messed around elephant tracks before I stumbled on control.
2. N back to parking lot and out trail on W of tiny lot through woods and SW up the ravine, then I stuck to the contour to control.
3. NW to edge of ridge and then did my best to stay on same contour around cliff sides and came out at giant cliff though I didn't see control for ages. Met Richard.
4. Richard was coming back from failed attempt down W cliff. So I NE sprinted to trail while he set bearing and I'm sure my choice was right (for me). Didn't see Richard again. His car was still there when I had to leave with the news of Grandad's passing.
5. Hard run N through woods seeking beaver dam for crossing through green. Took too long before I realised I had to head straight up, not around hill.
6. NNW to trail, then mowed ski trail cross open land, E on elephant tracks too early and fought through woods before getting to valley, up valley side to BLUE pond and round pond to a control we've used many time, thus the precise routing.
7. I blew the next section as I often do: WNW to trails, then N and then meant to contour round big hill W of control. Somehow I often mess up this plan, attempts at relocating were not working well but I saw Stefan heading where I knew was right. He went straight up and straight down and so did I.
8. Stefan out ran me on the leg and I drifted right. I had to use all three ponds to get back to control
9. Straight W to water feature to follow N and W to control but that plan was not working well at all until Emily flew by and I just used her.
10. I glued myself to Emily and set my fastest leg. If only there was always someone to navigate for me and I could enjoy simple racing through the woods. That would be so nice.
11. I tried to stick with Emily but backed off as I began to wonder if she had punched during the brief moments she was out of sight. There was an awful lot of navigation required for a hill-top control. I had to relocate of paved path and ditch. I'm telling myself that Grandad died during this leg and thus the distraction. The timing's right.
12. Did not read control description
I was looking for trail rather than cliff. Can you tell I rarely use control sheets?
13. I don't understant how a hill-top control can require so much navigating and other stragglers.
14. This time at least I could see the correct hilltop from the hilltop I was standing on.
F. Finish control off in the middle of the woods???

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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