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Race Evaluation

SLOC Hawn State Park: Blue


1. +03:00Pretty much straight. Missed low and had to relocate off the top of the hill.
2. +03:00Missed again, this time just a bit high. Found the right reentrant, but couldn't see the boulder or flag in the high vegetation. Relocated off the big rockface on the green course.
3. Picked up the trail and left it right where it turns straight west. Contoured in.
4. Straight. Starting to feel like I'd done this before.
5. Straight. Easy leg - just run up the hill.
6. +01:00Went straight E out of the control which took me through a bit of nasty scrub oak. Stayed a bit too far left going through the reentrant system and had to loop back a bit.
7. Hit the powerline just N of the out of bounds area. Straight from there figuring the big saddle above the control would be easy to spot. It was.
8. S to trail, then followed the trail all the way around to the foot of the cliffs. Crossed the powerline there and picked up the trail on the far side. Cool spot for sure, but pretty much a no-brainer leg.
9. Staying right of the stream didn't even occur to me, but crosssing it twice was no big deal (although I had kept my feet dry up til now).
10. +04:00Very disappointing leg. By now, I was really into the map and my contact was very strong heading up the reentrant system along the red line. Then, for some reason, I totally lost confidence. Crossing the big spur just SE of the control, I saw the rocks in the reentrant and they looked bigger than what was on the map so I thought I'd gone one too far. I turned around and went back to the top of the reentrant system on the other side (which restored my confidence that I had been doing it right all along). Should have been a spike, but I turned it into a 4-minute error.
11. Was worried about visibility so I contoured over, picking up the rocky ground a line above the control. It was easy to see from above.
12. Straight N to miss the slash, then straight at it. Attacked from where the trail goes over the little hilltop on the ridge.
13. +02:00Another boneheaded leg. Got too far right (and new it, since I was below the steep section). Looked up the right reentrant and didn't see the boulder, but I should have gotten my ass up there to be sure. Ran about another 100m before heading up, at which point I was able to spot the control.
14. Slightly right of the line to get some better running.
15. Contoured to the trail and then down the reentrant.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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