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Race Evaluation

APOC Day 1/Canadian Individual Day 1: Course 13--W21E, M40A


1. +02:000-1 Down the reentrant and picking my way on elephant trails, I drifted left stopping at flater ground in between two knolls on. I checked the one on the left as it was closest, realized my error and ran to the correct one
2. 1-2 Followed the contours across mostly.
3. 2-3 I went slow but on a pace count but wasn't really sure of the scale, not haveing taken time to read it. The pace ran out but I kept going much further than I thought it was and spiked it. Randy Hall got there seconds before me running a different course.
4. +03:003-4 Glancing at the short leg. I thought Randy was headed my way so I didn't take the time to check and instead chased him. We went to 2 other controls near by. I then returned to #3 and found #4 immediately.
5. +01:304-5 I went slow as in #3 and again it seemed like a longer way than it should have been. Crossing an elephant trail, I surmised it might lead to #5. As it kept climbing I realized it was an exit trail from #5 to #6.
6. +00:205-6 Having climbed some of this elephant trail already, I wasted no time taking off. At the top, I paused not seeing the control but found it to my left quickly.
7. +01:306-7 Realizing how easy it was to drift off, I decided to follow a reentrant up instead of going straight at it. I still got further left than I thought I was but realized it when I came across a ditch-like reentrant. I followed the ditch down to the marsh but missed going to the right. I turned around at the end of the marsh and found it.
8. +00:307-8 I followed an elephant trail up over 2 knolls, then ran across the dry marsh just aiming for the river. I crossed the stream then turned left at the forking trail to the river bank. Getting stuck the thick green, I meandered before coming back to the bank and the reentrant. Another guy had punched just before me.
9. +02:308-9 Left to the trail, then up it to the beginning of the climb. From there I went left following the marsh. I ran into and across the logged area, using it as a handrail to near the reentrant. The running was easy in the logged area. I recognized the reentrants but wasn't positive of which of the 3 was which. Other people were searching. I looked left first but surmized I'd found an elephant trail going to #10. I ran back across two reentrants and found it.
10. 9-10 An elephant trail took me right there.
11. +07:0010-11 Upon reaching the logged area, I checked the map but wasn't patient enough to really understand what was up and down. I ran on bearing to the first set of woods but found another control. Beliving it further up because of the vegetation, I climbed, eventually circled to see the pond, then ran back to the first set of woods before finding it.
12. 11-12 I ran up the hill on the elephant trail then turned right at the wooded area. Other older orienteers drew me left again just in-time. I saw it and beat them there.
13. +00:4512-13 Following elephant trails across the pine plantation, I still wasn't sure of the distance. I paused and some of the older guys nearly caught me in the middle.
14. 13-14 An elephant trail took me right there.
F. 14-F Good sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:05

Split Analysis

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