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Race Evaluation

APOC Day 2/Canadian Individial Day 2: Course 13--W21E, M40A


1. +00:450-1 I attacked from a trail bend and overshot. Realizing this quickly, I turned back along the fence.
2. +09:001-2 I chased another man to the power lines. Taking a bearing and thinking he was still headed correctly, I eventually caught him then wandered fruitlessly checking depressions and other controls. I returned to the power lines, relocated on a knoll, took a bearing and hit it.
3. +13:002-3 I took a bearing but went around the first depression. I guess I missed it only by a little then wandered alot as in #2. Not able to relocate, I ran back to the power lines, relocated on the same knoll, got to the depression near #2, then went straight to #3.
4. +10:503-4 I chased, then passed another guy toward #4. Missing it probably to the left a little, I hit the trail and moved left. At the field, I saw the pipe but couldn't locate the feature on the map until later. Attacking from the indistinct field, I missed, wandered and saw Randy, Peggy and Peter within a couple minutes of each other on an indistinct trail. Eventually I realized this trail was on the map and I went right to it having first gone the wrong way.
5. +00:154-5 Followed the indistinct trail from #4 to the trail junction, then back to #5.
6. +01:005-6 I took the trail to the ride and followed that up over a ridge. Seeing the trail intersection, I ran back toward the ridge and came within 5 meters of it. I turned around just before the trail intersection
7. 6-7 Along the ridge, across the trail, and into the reentrant.
8. 7-8 On bearing to the left side of the cliff, up and back right.
9. +12:008-9 I started feeling more confident from the last two and ran on bearing toward the trail. I reached it but surmized that I could continue on bearing and hit the next trail, saving some distance. In the green, I got turned higher and never hit the trail. Realizing this, I kept going, catching another guy. An elite runner passed me while I tried to read and so I chased him. We got to a control, I saw him punch and never stop running. I at least read the control number, checked my description to make sure it was there, and kept running too. It wasn't until I'd run down the scree slope that I realized I'd punched #10, not #9. Coming back on the trail, I didn't have a good attack point. I tried to use the high point of the trail but this was vague. I missed, eventually seeing a runner go by left to right. i chased again then realized just before the control that I was near #10 again. I ran back and found it just after one of the Smith sisters passed Annabel.
10. 9-10 Having been there before so many times I ran harder than usual for orienteering.
11. +02:3010-11 Back down the scree to the trail and along the trail for a while. Another runner was on my heels but when I angled to climb at a vague trail bend, he kept going down the trail. Distance confused me and I hadn't set a pace count. I ran on up even though I would have liked to stop to see the view of the mountain rock wall behind me. On the flat area on top, I moved too far right to near where it dropped down. I didn't realize this until I saw a large reentrant below me. Coming back, I still was tentative.
12. 11-12 Seeing how bad I'd done so far, I was indecisive at first, thinking there must be an easier way. I went ahead anyway and plunged straightish down. At the big reentrant that lead toward the marsh, I turned left into it and followed it down. At the trail, I turned left for only a short way before recognizing the large knoll and indistrinct trail junction. From there, I went on bearing and spiked it on the large knoll.
13. +03:5012-13 Knowing I should go slow because one can't make-up much time on a short leg, I did. I still missed and came back nearly to #12 before finding it.
14. +03:0013-14 Knowing I should go slow because one can't make-up much time on a short leg, I again did. I still missed and came back an indistinct trail before finding it.
15. +03:2014-15 I ran on bearing toward the power lines. I saw Annabel again here reading at a pole and hill. I believed I knew where I was so I went left to the next power line pole before attacking. I got into the first field, saw other runners heading left and mistakenly pursued. Turning around, I wandered before coming to the ride. Seeing another woman runner on it, I turned around and got there just before she did.
16. +00:3015-16 I ran straight on bearing but was too far right. I turned left sharply up to the control. It didn't seem to take this long.
F. 16-F Nice long run-in but I was dehydrated and tired after 2 hours of running and not enough training.

Total Time Lost - 01:00:00

Split Analysis

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