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Race Evaluation

2014 US Relay Champs and Intercollegiate Champs: White Clay Creek - Blue


1. P D P R 3 Good start. Started running before turning over the map. Took the trail to the fireplace(?) and followed the former fence line in, which was pretty distinct.
2. P D P R 3 Good. Could have went a little straighter.. went high then dropped in.
3. P D P R 3 Good attack, saw the feature, but not the bag (blocked from one angle). Turned around and there it was. It was first look at a rootstock marked as a "knoll" per mappers style. 8th after 3, legs feeling good and now into the course.
4. P D P R 4 +01:30Looking at the elite runners, looks like a bad route choice. Took the high route to avoid climb, although I probably didn't avoid much, and the side hill was much slower than trail. Could not run in field since OB. Once in the area, took a non-exact approach to getting to the spur. Stopped for 15 seconds to figure things out, realized I was low, turned around and saw it. I think route choice was the error here.
5. P D P R 3 +01:00Again, a bad route choice. Another attempt to avoid climb instead of straight route. GPS is a little low, I went over the 2 unpassable logs. Felt good about 4 and 5 at the time.
6. P D P R 4 +01:00Surprised more people didn't mess this one up. I did a pace count on a good line, but came up short. Confusing area, thought I recognized some other features in there. Maybe cleaner if I noticed the downed tree.
7. P D P R 1 Trail run. Starting to look ahead
8. P D P R 1 Trivial. Took water
9. P D P R 3 gps is little off here. Took the road like most... feel like I angled up the hill a little better, but did attack from below. So mostly speed, and 10 sec water break.
10. P D P R 3 Good. Kept the fence to my left, was able to see group of rootstocks easily. Felt pretty good about my run at that point through 10, in the end I was in the same position (12/15).
11. P D P R 4 +01:00Came out pretty good, and went towards hunter's stand to avoid dark green, but was still pretty slow stuff. Didn't plan much to get through the valley.. it looks like the left route was faster. Alot of weaving to get to the trail... then took the long route around to take a break from vegetation.
12. P D P R 4 +00:10Lost 3 minutes purely on speed, and one slight lookback at the bridge by the field (possible opening to field but decided against). Maybe looking at the map too much on the second trail? I was planning ahead for 12-13, 13-14, but couldn't come up with a good route anyways :(
13. P D P R 4 +02:00Started off on the trail I wanted, not confident, lost the trail (where it breaks on the map?) and didn't correct early enough. Wanted to break to the white. A little slow off the relocate being catious, but was pretty sure I was at the small reentrant.
14. P D P R 4 +02:30I think an okay route gettin to the pines. The wester route on the deer paths may have been better. Got twisted in the green, missing the white patch, but I was pretty far off directionally. Eventually got to the junky part of the creek and moved to the control.
15. P D P R 3 Moved though here pretty good. Neat bamboo forest.
16. P D P R 3 Went pretty straight.. crawled through some green, sunk to my knees in some marsh, good times.
17. P D P R 3 Good. Starting to feel tired mentally.
18. P D P R 3 Thought I was going from 18-19 and somehow got lucky that went I realized something was off and stopped running the control was to my left.
19. P D P R Took the contour around route. Maybe faster going straight.
20. P D P R
21. P D P R 1
22. P D P 1
23. P D P 1
24. P D P 1
F. P D P 1

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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