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Race Evaluation

SVO Susquehanna Stumble XI: Long


1. After locating myself on the map quickly, I got a good start. It was easy to see ahead to what the leaders were doing too. I used trails as much as possible.
2. I started to fall behind the leaders but since they made a late adjustment, I was able to see their line and make mine a shorter one.
3. This was a blur. I was mostly just in with the crowd still. Alexis was nearby.
4. With a longer leg and a choice to make on the first window, I ran a steady pace partly so that I could read and make a good choice. Ted Good had already moved ahead and Dave Pruden was passing me too. Going for B then A had the advantage of less overall climb but the distance was more. I went to A. It was a long slow climb. Dave went to B. I got to A a while after Ted but only a little before Eddie who had already gone to B.
5. Going down to B, I was a bit tentative. It was too steep and I didn't want to risk further impact injury on my knee, especially this early in the race. I was surprised at how short the distance was.
6. Seeing Alexis going a bit left on the way to D, I walked slow and steady up the steep slope and hit it well. I made up a little ground on Alexis.
7. With another steep mostly walking climb toward C, I wondered how rough the day would be. I reasoned that taking C last was best because of the less climb involved.
8. Going to #8, I lost sight of Alexis who was going a bit to the right. I hit the trails just where I needed and attacked from the intersection with the ride.
9. I went a bit left, cutting through the green on the map and taking the trail. It was a little slow climbing but I kept a steady pace. Coming off a trail bend, I hit F pretty well but expected it to be a little closer to the bend and I expected to see more of a reentrant.
10. Leaving F and going to G, I saw Vadim climbing from below and figured he'd already gotten E. I used trails to get to a bend above the control, then descended on the east side of the rocks. I saw it fairly far ahead but again didn't push toward it while it was too steep for fear of injury.
11. I think Vadim passed me just after leaving G. He led to I. I was able to sight straight lines with him in front to key off of. We spiked it directly even though I couldn't see the control until being right upon it.
12. Going to H, I was again behind Vadim. I started to lose sight of him. I hit the ride above the s-shaped rough open within it so I felt confident of where I was. It was straight in after that.
13. Going to E, Vadim was still leading. I think he contoured a little more than I. At first, he seemed more comfortable reading the rocks than I felt. I realized the control was on a boulder in a reentrant so I felt good about keeping a good pace going toward it. Vadim had slowed with hesitation until the end so I almost caught up. I was also confident of my elevation on the side of the hill due to the change in steepness that was visible.
14. Angling toward the road bend, Vadim again led as I chased. I moved lower to make sure I'd hit the road. As we rounded the road bend and started to make the steep climb, I remembered finishing a previous Stumble here and being able to run up it. Vadim and I talked a bit as we climbed. Though it hurt a bit, I felt my bicycling was paying off on the steep slope. I was able to break into a slow jog near the top so I got a little ahead of Vadim as we entered the map exchange.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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