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Race Evaluation

WIOL 1 Lincoln Park: Course 7

Pink Socks

1. +00:05Stopped and panicked when I thought I hadn't punched the start box (and only on my watch). But then I figured that it would be OK.
2. +00:03Ran through a work crew, thinking it was the trailhead into the dense network.
3. I exited 2 the way I came in. Longer distance, but I was fast, probably faster than nav'ing out the correct bearing.
4. +00:10Entered the trail network, and got sucked into a dead end just into the woods. Brain said "no", but I went in anyway. Good thing the trail stopped in 30 feet.
5. +00:20Shoulda exited the way I came out, but tried to nav out to the left. No stoppage, no mistakes, but it felt slower than the other way,
6. +00:02Ran through the paved area. Coulda gone left and saved a few seconds.
7. +00:03Started ok, but I cut over to the main trail too early.
8. Aced it. Super fast.
9. Got a little lucky, as someone was leaving the trail as I was approaching (this is why dog legs ain't fair).
10. Pushed it harder than I'm used to. I didn't quite die. Planned the nav for the rest of the course.
11. +00:30Uggggh. Power walked up that massive hill. And then when I got to the rootstock, I didn't plan ahead to read that the flag was on the far side. (Time lost is for going to the wrong side of the stump)
12. +00:15Lost time due to hesitation. You'd think after two legs of route planning time, I wouldn't be stuck not knowing my plan as I punched.
13. +00:05Exited the way I came in. And then some high school kid asked me something right as I approached a weird trail intersection. I lost my focus, and stopped to make sure I picked the right trail.
14. +00:2020 seconds of route-choice lost time, based on Jon's time. I lost contact with the map, and cut into the green way too early. The green wasn't as dark as mapped, so I was saved a bit.
15. With a good race in the bag, I took a conservative route (around to the right), instead of trying to blast through just left of center. I moved well with my route.
16. Another safe route through the start.
17. Balanced and jumped, then jumped again to get down the rock wall.
F. Ughhh... up the hill. Cut the straight way, around the fence, though.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:53

Split Analysis

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