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Race Evaluation

Moscow Meridian 23: Score


1. (31) The route. Jogged slowly downhill while trying to plan the sequence; could see that going around the perimeter, at least initially, would be good. Just before the control, some dude stopped and looked puzzled. I asked why. He said he didn't know. I said the control was right there and sure it was, but before I said that I made sure to double-check the map and the description... this probably cost me a few seconds. I think the best sequence a qualified person could have come up with by skill within a reasonable planning time on the clock was something like the U or YA I wrote about in the training log, not the counterintuitive ideal route. So, I will count my route-planning error relative to the U/YA, and this error is logged at Control 47 where I diverged from the YA.
2. (37) Oleg appeared from behind and went along the perimeter route and from this point until I decided to part ways with Oleg, I was doing very little navigation; just straightening up some of Oleg's corners. I was doing little planning, either; just happy with a third-place world rogainer validating my choice of the perimeter to start.
3. (42)
4. (44)
5. (45)
6. (46)
7. (49)
8. Bad route choice
(47) This is where I let Oleg go to Control 40. To me, #47 seemed like the closest one to get next, without quite seeing the whole picture. This is where I diverged from the YA and it cost me 23 Superseconds. Also, I headed towards the wrong group of trees for the control but this only cost me a few seconds.
9. (40)
10. (41)
11. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
(43) I didn't look at the blow-up of the castle on my way, so didn't anticipate the control being on the opposite side of the castle from my direction of approach, and certainly didn't anticipate a solid castle wall (it was probably permeable to four-year-olds, but not to a 78-kg aging rogainer). And, having encountered the wall, it would have been best to head up the stairs, which were visible, to the second-floor control; but I hadn't read the map that far in advance to realize where that control was. Also it would have been best to end the castle with the first-floor control because then both Controls 38 and 32 would have been within a line of sight without the need to go around a corner. Total castle time loss is 20 seconds (see also two legs later).
12. (36) Nailed it.
13. Did not follow plan
(32) Headed to #38 first, then finally throught through the whole sequence all the way to the finish and realized that going to #38 at this point was a dumb idea. Turned around and went to #32. I'm sure I had planned through at least to #32 earlier, but must have forgotten that with all the castle excitement. I also came to the realization at this point that it had been a poor idea to take #47 early, letting Oleg go in the process and leaving me with a long leg to #48. The total error includes the ten seconds due to leaving the castle from #36 instead of #43.
14. (35)
15. (38)
16. (48) The forced long leg. Surprised to see later that ten other people also had to do it. I stopped in the middle, confused by all the bright lights, but I was on target.
17. (39) The unit at Control 39 wasn't working; it was recording for earlier runners, including myself, but not beeping. Perhaps one also had to hold the stick inside in order for it to record, which I did. For most runners it didn't record; some were undoubtedly told by others standing by it to not bother punching. Thus the hard-to-comprehend "alternative" split analysis, which wasn't corrected to give credit for #39 to all claimants. Also, I did not quite do what the red line shows right before the control, going more along the inside of the hedge and getting stuck in some downed branches, but it's too late to fix that, it's been scanned and filed away.
18. (34)
19. (33) There was some hesitation on the way as I didn't identify the trail and the hedge crossing until forced to face the monuments ahead. This was most likely an under-5-second error to report.
F. (F) I think I may have followed the eventual winner on this leg, therefore the speed-up.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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