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Race Evaluation

Moscow Meridian 24: Score


1. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
(33) The route. The two errors that I account for here are the clockwise vs. counterclockwise (preferred) choice, worth about 25 seconds, and the wrong trail (too soon) before the the control. I hit the U's, shone the light into them, then looked at the map, found the U's on it, and directed the light towards the control and saw it.
2. Ran too fast
(36) Ran past the major trail. Stopped and figured it out.
3. (37) I ran through #36, keeping the same direction, although I probably should have turned left and taken the indistinct trail. I got back on that trail as soon as I found it. Had to wake up the unit. First one to this control!
4. (42) Also first to the unit... woke it up.
5. (43) The X turned out to be a soccer goal. Don't remember if I was first to this one or not.
6. (44) Someone was following me, so I turned on some speed on the trails. A guy was sitting on a bench and his dogs were roaming the north-south trail, apparently undisturbed yet by the runners. I said hi, puppies. They seemed moderately interested.
7. Bad route choice
(41) The same person was following... maybe that pressure was a part of why I headed towards the inside controls instead of following around the perimeter. Controls 40 and 41 were clearly ones to be taken later, between 39 and 38. Split analysis shows this cost me about 47 s (I corrected for the faulty unit at #40).
8. (40) Something was apparently wrong with this unit, that a lot of the splits ending in #40 are too fast and some people show multiple #40's right after one another. It wasn't just that the unit's clock was late because some of the splits, and the reverse-direction splits, are believable. I followed someone to this control.
9. Took a chance
(45) The someone left to go to a different control, and now I was left to face the consequences of my choice of the sequence... travelling around the lake and the adjoining green was going to take me most of the way back to #44. So as soon as I saw a north-directed gap in the green, I went for it. I was almost certainly thinking at the time this gap was the end of the green, but it came too soon; I'm now very sure the gap was unmapped. (There is no evidence of it on Gmaps, either, so it must have been made in the green after both the map was made and the photos were taken.) And the gap led me all the way to the lake. Once I got to the lake, there was solid green on my left, and some ice on the lake. I walked on the ice, making sure I wasn't too far from the branches of the green, to be able to grab them quickly. The ice held up for a while, and when it did give up, the water was no deeper than halfway up the knee. Where most of the time loss came was getting out of the lake. I hit some really serious green and had to force my way through it. After I made it through the green, I was confused to my actual location and jogged slowly towards the control. And as I got to the paved road, I was still unsure and almost joined a group of other unsure lights who were headed west, away from the control, but then saw other lights in a more likely location and they shone light on the bag.
10. (46) Disappointed about getting stuck, I picked up the speed for the next two legs.
11. (48)
12. Did not follow plan
Bad distance judgement
(47) I tried to follow the mapped trails through the marsh, but turned too soon into the marsh and the marsh itself was sweet but the medium green afterwards was as bad as the stuff I got into after the lake adventure. Plus, there were dry nettles to deal with after that. Looks like everyone had problems on this leg; I clearly feel that I lost time but the splits don't indicate that. The control was easy to spot as by this time, the main mass of counterclockwise people was at this point in the course, headed opposite to me.
13. (49) Led a bunch of people.
14. (39) Lost the trail in some unmapped plots of freshly cultivated land. Not a problem.
15. (38) More dogs on the main road, one tried to follow me but was called back by owner.
16. (35) A bunch of lights going the other way.
17. (34) I was unsure of the required fine navigation after I hit the bathroom building, but several of what looked like 12-year-olds were headed towards the control and yelling, so I was certain that the news of them locating the bag would be announced loudly and with redundance.
18. (31) I worked to lose the 12-yr-olds and succeeded. At some point I may have been thinking that I was headed to #32, but quickly recovered.
19. Did not follow plan
(32) But as I was leaving the control, I somehow forgot about #32 and headed towards the finish. Agh.
F. (F)

Total Time Lost - 00:02:40

Split Analysis

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