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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Blue Day 1


1. +00:20Up over hill, a little left, hit large boulder and backtracked.
2. thru woods to trail bend, up over knoll and down
3. +01:30trail to obvious bend, north of seahorse swamp - poor map reading in here lead to being about 150m se - another orienteer in this area also distracted me somewhat - realized my mistake and corrected cleanly without relocating - I think I lost him here.
4. +00:15a little hesitant (ie slow) after the last control, but came in cleanly and took off for the easy catching feature at the swamp
5. +00:15crossed the beaver dam ok, but got mired in the 'crossable swamp' - waist deep. Drifted a little right upon exiting the swamp but saw wall and headed up the hill
6. +02:30to trail junction, then swung south of steep hill, felt pretty good on fine navigation but terrain felt 'iffy' near the control - water features had no water and I had not mentally corrected for this yet. I was probably in sight of the flag cleanly but did not see it and being unsure, relocated to the top of the hill 120m north. Came back down and saw flag and am pretty sure I was right on top of it to begin with.. Damn...
7. +00:20pushed hard up the hill I had relocated off of and down cleanly moving down the leftmost spur, looking into what I thought was reentrant but not glancing the flag - terrain looked like it went further so assumed it must be lower, went another 30m or so and realized I ran out of reentrant and turned around to see the flag
8. +00:15run hard (reasonably so) to trail, up to junction and cut in to woods missing the flag about 30m right but swung right around and in
9. pace count and attacked from marsh - spike
10. +00:45out to trail, up to stone wall and in off the corner, somehow got left - distracted by Steve Worthington no doubt - and eventually corrected ok
11. slowing down a little bit, but in cleanly
12. straight line, pace counting at a moderate jog - spike
13. same as the last - spike
14. +01:00trail down to trail running north of long narrow swamp - cut across northeast of bottom dreg, between the marshes sw of bottom dreg, thought I was on a good line to control but found myself staring into upper hold, but immediately knew where I was and on top of hill above the hold it was fast running so it was very quick from here to the boulder. In all the years I've orienteered here, this is my first visit to this massive boulder (7m)
15. down through cliffs and south of genial pond, and pretty much straight in. spike. Running and feeling fairly good through here although not terribly fast. But at least I wasn't dying like I thought I might be at this point.
16. spike
17. spike
18. spike
19. north of marsh to trail and in cleanly
20. +00:40for some dumb reason I went across the field and through the woods, ending up nearer the pavilion and backtracking to control - parking lot would have been faster but I didn't look at map closely enough to realize that

Total Time Lost - 00:07:50

Split Analysis

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