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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Blue Day 2


3. Around hill to right.
6. +05:00Everything was going fine about halfway to the control, then I lost track and circled around with a blank look on my face, probably drooling and babbling to myself. Finally relocated on the pond SE of the conrol, and I had to stand in the middle and take a compass shot to find the control.
7. +00:30Got to the hill just south of the control, and stood there squinting at the map for a moment to make sure I was really where I thought I was, before going down there.
8. +00:30Got to the circle, but visibility was low, and it took me a bit to figure out which thing was the knoll.
11. To the right of the pond, cutting off the first swampy arm on beaver dams, and crossing the second (blue) one because the water level was so low. Basically, I went pretty close to straight.
15. Got close, then climbed a hill to get a better view and figure out where I was, and was pleased to find the control there. (I sat on this very hill taking splits at the 1992 World Cup final.)
17. +00:30Got real close, and even saw the depression, but didn't see the control in it until I looped back from a different direction.
18. +00:30I was making really good time, I guess, but crossing between the big marsh and the tiny marsh just before the control, I crashed real hard, and it seemed like an eternity before I could drag myself up off the ground and limp to the control. I've got a nasty bruise on my left thigh as a souvenir.
21. On the trail for a short stretch.
22. Road.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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