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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Red Day 2


1. Bolted for the group pavilion, then down the hill. No brainer - spike.
2. +00:45Thought I was headed straight for the road, but seemed to spend longer in the woods than planned, must have drifted left as I ran - with such a big catching feature I admit that it was a very rough bearing. Feeling kind of sluggish on the road and in the sun, ran to big boulder pair on right then cut in. Must not have read description well enough as I wound up spotting the boulder right on, but circling almost all the way around ccw until I saw flag
3. Hesitated
straight up and over, hesitating momentarily in the first reentrant (I knew it wasn't the one, but looked both ways to make sure, not sure why) then down into the correct reentrant - was in upper part had to wander down a bit before seeing flag - description could have said 'lower part'
4. +00:45straight out to road - would have just plowed through the marsh, but the blowdown crap on the far side looked messy so I wandered right until I found a clean spot to cross. Up reentrant but somehow drifted a bit left and found myself having to go back down to flag
5. Hesitated
followed intermittent stream - footing got a little crappy at the end, but hit the control just fine - speed still feeling sluggish - and compared to Peter's splits on pretty much the same route choices it definitely was sluggish.
6. around the northwest side of pond, staying high and out of the crap - hit it just fine, but I fail to see how Peter runs this same route 2 whole minutes faster.
7. The next 7 controls are in a tight group in complex terrain - a mix of slow jog / fast walk and pace counting mixed with checking off the major features enroute - hit them all cleanly - spike in my book, but obviously I am lacking something in the speed department as all my splits lag behind Peter and Pat.
8. Hesitated
ok, this one I was slightly off to the right, but corrected quickly
12. I don't recall this one being any faster or cleaner than the others, but I beat Peter by 10 seconds here - he must have missed.
14. Ran too fast
Collecting a crowd near 13 so I bolted out of there quickly figuring on a rough bearing to the swamp and then turning north. Hit the small pond quickly enough, but there was blowdown crap in that area not mapped that I got tangled up in. The rest of the way was clean and smooth though
15. stright on through - good speed (felt like it anyway) and spiked it
16. Did not read control description
bolted for the trail, cutting in through clearing - didn't read description - the very distinct hill looked easy enough and I followed and elephant trail up the side and looked for the flag on the end of the hill. Would have saved some time if I went straight to the cliff below.. duhhh
17. out to road and parking lot, sun was draining me fast, but I knew the end was close and pushed anyway..
F. glasses flew off halfway to the finish and I momentarily looked back but then finished without them and went back after to retrieve them. I think I will get a head strap for them as I lost them a number of times this weekend.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:35

Split Analysis

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