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Race Evaluation

QOC Great Falls: Brown


1. Cautious to avoid drifting down to the canal. IDed the sewer vent and attacked from there.
2. Straight east, counting reentrants. Saw Kevin and Travis as I was leaving.
3. South to the trail to the bend, around the green and in.
4. West being careful not to drift down. Saw the cliffs, but wound up high. Saw Kevin and Travis at the control.
5. Details on the 7500 section were useful here, at least at my speed.
6. Bad distance judgement
Area reminds me of West Point, where most of the knolls are really rocks. A back-bearing to the lock saved me from turning around too early.
7. Trail to reentrant to #1 and attack from there. Good to make the steepest hill leg easy on the mind.
8. No attack point
Lacked concentration
Lost in the anthills again. Drifted east. Tried to make the vegatation match, when I should know better. Eventually found the cairn to the northeast. Attacked once, gave up early. Tried again, drifted, but recognized the shape of the reentrant and made my way back.
9. Attacked from the junction of the trolley turnaround. Drifted east but saw the bag from a good distance.
10. Cross the gully to the trail and start running...
F. and keep running.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:15

Split Analysis

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