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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Wadsworth Falls: Green


1. +03:30Did not include copy time of 2:51. Left start so focused on how to deal with lack of black features, I did not notice I forgot to turn my scale around. Pace counting at 1:10000 I ran past control and ended up on edge of map at distinct stream. Worked my way back to control tentatively
2. More cautious pace counting with the correct scale now. Spike
3. +00:40Found a trail partway that was going my direction - took it for a while, then ran up spur. Saw distinct earth bank before control but did not see the knoll, wound up just beyond on larger hill - turned around and saw flag - knoll pretty vague
4. Run hard on rough bearing until intersecting with intermittent stream bed, then follow until slope steepened, then contour over to broad spur - tentative into the control circle but spiked it
5. +00:15steep hill before control slowed me down, but hit the reentrant about 20m N of flag
6. longer leg on bearing / contouring - got into the green in front of control but spiked it cleanly after getting through the briers
7. +03:00drifted north by following a trail that 'seemed' to go my way but actually led me astray. Yellow to the S appears to have gotten larger in 12 years - wound up on stream at steep embankment - slow picking my way south to flag - bad route execution and hesitation
8. +00:30pretty much straight to hill, but ended up just north and contoured around slightly
9. +02:00wanted to go left and avoid green, but felt a bearing / pace count through the green was safter. Hit large depression just NW and corrected to the control - about a minute lost to deviation, rest to slow going in green
10. +00:30pushed downhill hard, slowing up at the steeper slope hoping to hit the stream / marsh junction at the bottom and turn right - hit that cleanly but hesitated to double check position, then cleanly over to knoll
11. +00:45control was higher in reentrant than I had circled, description should have indicated upper part. Could have saved some fighting in the trash by going higher first
F. Too many trails (not on map) to worry about - saw parking lot to my left across marsh, just blasted across the corner of marsh, through stream and up embankment to finish - startling a bunch of boy scouts enjoying their lunch.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:10

Split Analysis

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