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Race Evaluation

DVOA/Pakim Pond: Red


1. Might I add that there were plenty of blueberries. I hung this one so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a problem. Ran backwards thru the finish chute ...
2. road 500m then trail
6. Did not like map
straight figuring to pick up a firewall thru the green, but couldn't find any of them, and the green was much thicker, at least were I went thru
7. off road/trail junct
8. straight
9. road
10. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
straight. Saw another line of pines that I thought was the veg boundry to the left. Poor viz, and feature was weak, and I've long ago forgotten how to use a compass
11. firewall
12. No attack point
Took a chance
road. This looked chancy without a strong attackpoint, but looked faster than the trail. Cut in a bit early to be safe when it was clear that I wasn't going to see the indistinct trail, as I didn't see the first one. Hit the bag, but it turns out it was mishung 250m to the NW. It seemed early but I wasn't sure.
13. +00:45Hit the streamer for 12, but it wasn't numbered so I figured it was the streamer for 13. But hesitated around a bit, then headed for 14, but never hit the road so I knew something was wrong, then found it. This split is 250m long, but figured to have lost 45sec due to the problem. Turns out 12 was mishung, 13 was fine; I went out and vetted/fixed them when done
15. straightish aim off a bit left
16. code was wrong
F. hung this one also. Certainly hanging a couple of easy bags didn't make up for the problem on 12/13 ...

Total Time Lost - 00:05:05

Split Analysis

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