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Race Evaluation

OCIN TROL 9 - Joyce Park: Red


1. expecting SI, forgot to write codes & descriptions on punch card. forgot to start watch until #4. spiked #1.
2. Bad route choice
pretty clean. lost a few seconds fighting thru green, trail around might have been faster. let a closer control on a different tree/copse distract me for maybe 1-2 seconds
3. unmapped snow fence around infield of new baseball field was annoying. went right of it, which was probably best choice, but I kept second guessing whether I should have gone left. don't dwell on it, just run!
4. Hesitated
connection line covered a short trail segment. good attackpoint, but hesitated just a couple seconds crossing the bike path.
5. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
weak exit strategy from #4, went thru green, didn't se little path. probably cost 5-10 secs. Clean run on the bike path, read the bends and attack point pretty well, saw the control from 50-100 m away and nailed it.
6. clean and fast
7. Bad map reading
left bike path too soon, did not read the rough open area real well. close enough that the cost was minimal, 5 or 6 seconds at the most.
8. Bad compass work
planned to head straight west to river, but got a bit right, little hesitation identifying the copse. Vegetation was thick both in and out of this control, but n o good alternative.
9. bike trail to the field, identified the correct tower from 350 m away and went directly to it even though control was hidden behind.
10. Underrated difficulty
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
I thought I knew my way thru this area and got surprised by the new construction fence (which in fairness, WAS correctly updated on the map - well, almost). I found the gap (unmapped) in the construction fence, hesitated wondering if I could get out the other side, eventually found the way out. didn't see the control which should have been visible by the building, so I ran 3 sides of the building then found the control flat on the ground. Used another 5 or 6 seconds trying to get the control to stand back up, which could only have helped anyone following me. Generally a courteous thing to do, but in this case was probably more unfair to myself, since the feature (building) was really waht you needed to aim for. Description said NW corner, but the control was mid-way on north side. Either way, right side of the building would have been faster approach, but since I did not see it as I approached from north and then east coming around the ball field, I assumed it had to be farther around the west side & circled from the left.
11. Did not follow plan
95% of this long leg was great: road, path, road, field, path. Then took 1st path into woods, even though I knew I should wait for 2nd path. recovered quickly, but it cost me a few seconds.
12. Did not like map
tripped over the barbed wire entering the driving range, crossed the range at just the right angle, excellent attackpoint, but hesitated at edge of woods. Black x appears to be right at edge of woods, it was significantly inside. Could have been more careful crossing fence, that's a tossup. Should have been a littlew quicker into the woods.
13. thru the woods, down road on left side of copse. Right might have been a second or two faster since I had to come around the end, but going right would have meant swinging wide to get around the shed too, plus footing might have been a little more slippery than the road. No way to tell for sure from the map and description. I think I made the safe choice.
14. pretty straight across the field. angling a bit too far right for the first 100 m or so until I picked out the control on the fence corner. Low fence and all the fences and buildings in the background were a bit distractiong, but I think I was at least as quick as if I'd taken ore care in aligning my initial direction based on either map or compass. I'd have taken more time fooling with that than the 1 or 2 seconds extra travel time.
15. straight, spiked.
16. road run, passed hkleaf on the road (you know he is hurting when I can do that), spiked.
17. between the buildings and around the lake, spiked.
18. hit the depression pretty well. Based on my AP from corner of mowed airstrip, I think the depression is farther west.
19. Did not like map
Control seemed a lot closer to Observation Mound than I expected. The grammar are slightly off.
20. pretty clean and fast
21. Did not like map
marsh comes to the edge of the willows, so no easily passable rough open (as mapped) along the edge. beaver stumps galore. climbed hill too soon, but its a tossup, map did not show enough accurate detail of vegetation here.
22. Did not follow plan
Crossed the beaver dam (never noticed that footbridge symbol that Pat added to the map to show it!) Entered woods a little too soon approaching control (sooner than I had planned), but better too soon than too late. should have trusted map & course setter a little more. Maybe.
23. bike path, path. spiked.
24. straight across the field, crossed the runway at perfect angle, hit the depressioon dead-on. Spike.
25. Bad map reading
entered woods too soon, not careful enough on map reading, but picked up the path to the depression, then nailed the control.
26. Bad map reading
tried to attack pretty straight thru gereen woods, aiming a little right. Got too far right and didn't trust the map or my interpretation of it.
27. bike path, woods path. Spike
28. out of the woods and around the ball field. Spike
F. expended all remaining energy on the long run-in. took it as straight as was possible, bendiung just enough to miss the ball field fence. Slowed to step over a low fence instead of hurdling. I need to practice hurdling & improve confidence in it... I stop too often to step over low obstacles.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:54

Split Analysis

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