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Race Evaluation

LAOC B Meet, Mt. Piños: Day 2: Red


3. Did not like map
Disturbed by others
Looked in the next reentrant SE (because there was a small reentrant even more SE). Then went to the correct reentrant and there was an adventure-racer type there who did a head fake on me! I thought I saw the bag but he shielded it with his body (so then I thought the orange I saw was just a piece of his running suit) and started to slowly walk away back into the reentrant I came from! SO I went back, looked again, and he was gone. I went to where he came from and sure, there was the bag.
4. Ditched the adventure-racer type.
6. Around through the parking lot.
8. Did not plan ahead
I had surveyed the terrain already, looking for Saturday's #7. Still, I dropped too low after leaving #7; that cost me a climb later.
9. Mostly around, through the lower little marsh, then the N tip of the large marsh W of the control. The feature was smaller than expected.
10. Bad route choice
Went straight, and maybe it was better to climb a bit right away and then drop.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:15

Split Analysis

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