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Race Evaluation

OCIN TROL 10 - Sharon Woods: Green


1. Did not check features en route
Bad distance judgement
Stayed on the trail too long as I missed seeing my attackpoint - the trail junction. Luckily, spotted the control from afar just as I passed the reentrant.
2. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Jumped in the woods too soon N of the road - it was slow going through the green. Should've stick with my plan and stay on the road until the sharp bend just S of control
3. No attack point
Lacked confidence
Failed to see the option of exiting N of the control quickly to the road, which I think would be faster. Then at the approach, I failed to identify a solid attackpoint, eventually stopping short just E of the control.
4. Planned to aim off slightly to the right, but ended up going pretty much straight to it.
5. Followed the right folk of the dry ditch and eventually came out by the picnic shelter. Straight up the hill, off the edge of parking lot, and attacked from the ditch junction SSW of control.
6. Headed S aiming for the picnic shelter in the clearing. Mistakenly thought it was the building further E by the parking lot, but realized what happened and continued my route without hesitation. Entered the indistinct trail by the parking lot and spotted the control while descending the hillside.
7. Bad route choice
Considered but curiously decidedly against going straight-ish. Instead, I ran along the trail to the big reentrant before cutting across the ridge and along the side of the hill, making sure to stay high and count the reentrants. Spotted the control before getting across the ditch.
8. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Lacked concentration
Tried to stay out of the repeated up & down through deep reentrants, so I picked to go right toward higher ground and skirt along near the edge of the private residences. Runnability was quite poor with thick vegetation. Things went south here as I tripped over some branch and fell, jamming my R-hand badly. Lost some time to stop and assess the extends of the injury - it was quite painful, but it's my free hand and my legs are fine, so as long as I don't fall again I'd be ok. In my quest for clearer running grounds, I drifted away from the houses and W of the control. I knew this was happening and tried to correct eastward as I caught sight of the stream. But as I hit what I thought was the nose of the ridge and still didn't see the control, it threw my off. I then headed west along the stream in search of the flag. In reality, I was far enough W of the control that the ridge's nose I was on was just the shallow spur SW of the control. I finally realized where I was when I spotted the trail/stream crossing. But significant time had been lost already.
9. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Lacked concentration
Probably still reeling from the mistake at #8, I didn't have a good plan for getting to #9. Dismissed the trail option (right), which now I think was the fastest. Planned to stay left along stream to parking lot, but changed my mind 15m in to go more or less straight. It wasn't a terrible route, but needed to plan ahead better and make quicker decisions.
10. Around the downed tree to N side of ditch, then down to the road. Cut thru a small corner of green onto the field.
F. Pretty straight forward - down the road to the junction, then straight line to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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