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Race Evaluation

OCIN TROL 11 - French Park: Green


1. Attacked from the veg. corner S of control, but was slow going thru the green.
2. Contoured along following deer path, looking for the S-bend of the stream.
3. Since I was already of the right side of stream, decided to just contour along and head straight for the control. Trail option on the left might have been faster.
4. Crossed the bridge and along stream trail just past #2, then up the hill. Some huge downed trees blocked the trail half way up, so I ended up running the white part of the forest past the clearing before connecting back with the trail. Hesitated later when looking for indistinct trail. There was an unmapped path ~50m east. When heading down the hill toward #4, drifted slightly right as I looked for a clear path thru the thick honeysuckles. Spotted the control in time and didn't really lose time.
5. Up the hill back to the trail, then trail all the way to just past the last bend. Was prepared to go all the way around to avoid the green slash, but there was a wide mowed path leading toward the control.
7. Followed stream path to junction SE of #9, then straight up the hill to control.
8. Bad route choice
Didn't see the left hand option. Instead went low and contoured along for a while before picking up the trail ~125m SW of #8. Attacked off the bend south of control.
9. Down to the higher trail, then followed to just past #34 (yellow control). Contoured along and attacked from the ditch junction.
10. Down the hill and came to the stream where the trail crosses it. Briefly considered cutting up the slope thru green but decided staying along the stream trail all the way would be faster. Once out of the trail, I aimed straight for the control, checking off the two groups of distinct trees along the way. The green slash was slower going but not terrible. It's possibly faster to stay a bit right on the trail and attack off the bend.
11. Pretty straight forward, going south of the French house.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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