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Race Evaluation

NEOC Troll Cup Day 1: Blue


1. No attack point
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Started at the same time as a middle-aged lady running brown, which had the same first control as blue. Punch 1st right after her...Not a good start. Could not read anything in the control circle and had trouble adjusting to 1:15000
2. Read the contours well and was careful in the circle.
3. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Unused to map
Across the powerline, down into the re-entrant, then up. Stopped short on the uphill a couple of times, still not used to the map scale. Eventually climbed enough to spot the control, but hesitated constantly.
4. Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
Unused to map
Over the hill, across the powerline, down the long ridge and into the reentrant - so far, so good. Then, again stopped short and started checking every cliff on the side of the reentrant. The 3rd one was mine.
5. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
Lacked concentration
Straight down to the trail, across the one nice piece of woods, across the next two trails, catching the winding trail at its bend, Down the trail, then up the hill along the line, over the hill down to the heart-shaped marsh and the trail to the south of it. Then up the vague hillside through the light green, slamming into waist-high barbed wire at full speed. Screamed out in shock, tried to move, noticed the barbed wire is still attached to me. Pulled it out, piece by piece, assessed the damage. Doesn't look too good - both thighs covered in blood, everything hurts. Walk it off for a while, then resume running, but evidently lose concentration. Hit the long marsh at the stone wall end, cross the marsh, go up towards the control, go right by it all the way to the cliff in the green. Return, go all the way back to the marsh, still no control. Very frustrated and in pain by now. Make another attempt, see someone else, who I thought was Ted Good, who started 16 minutes after me, approach from the marsh. Thinking my race is pretty much over, i finally find the control and am happy to see it wasn't Ted after all.
6. Go along the green which i know so well by now, around the hill and down to the control.
7. Up the nose, mostly walking, almost walk right by the flag.
8. Up the hill, past the stone wall end, over the hilltop that does not match the map too well, fight through the green, and down to the control. Accurate, but slow.
9. Down to the trail, than up the southern of two sadlles, fighting through more green, but hit the control.
10. Fight my way back to the trail, tripping on a log and falling hard on my back in the process. Luckily, fell on a flat spot and managed not to impale myself on anything. Up the trails, past the long marsh, then slowly up the reentrant and the hill to the control.
11. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Think about going around the hill to 11, but decide to go over the top. Probably a mistake. Stop at the wrong cliffs and run around them for a while before relocating.
12. Did not like map
Go more-or-less straight to the SW trail, cross the not-so-green marsh at a narrow spot, and jog along the hillside. Miss the control high and am slow to recover and return to the flag. Somewhere in here, fighting through some thick parts, i noticed a small (~30cm) snake on my right arm and threw it off in horror. What a race!!
13. Past the abandoned car to the trail, over the hills and into the saddle.
14. Did not like map
Through all the green to the trail, then slowly up the wrong knoll. Hit the trail at its bend and am annoyed to have to go back down the knoll and up the correct one.
15. Pretty straight across the hillside, quite slow.
16. Going a little south of the line, hit it right on, but slow.
17. Did not read control description
Hit the trail junction, then attack, expecting the control to be a lot lower than it was. Have to climb back up.
18. Straight down
F. Glad to come out alive, though quite embarrassed by my 12 min/km performance and pissed off at the unmapped barbed wire.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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