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Race Evaluation

OOC - Snowshoe-O Carman Trails: Advance


3. Rather than use the stream or the trail, I used the elephant tracks.
4. Similarly, I decided on the tracks left by early starts.
5. I headed N thru the green and caught the trail just before stream crossing, passed round the hill and then scaled the hill just ahead of Jeff.
6. I headed down to trail and encountered racer coming back at me when I approached control. I asked him why he was going wrong way and soon learned why as we fumbled around. There may have been mapping issues just beyond the control. Jeff came off trail early and headed straight for control, passing us.
7. Following frozen lake shore, we passed control 8 and caught Jeff.
8. Of course this was a fast leg as we already visited control. I watched Bill A cheat across the frozen lake.
9. Leaving Jeff behind, my peer flew down one side of stream while I took the other side unsuccessfully hoping to pass him.
10. Again I chose a different route than peer, NE rather E but failed to catch him.
11. I swung wide round mountain hoping to catch peer on flat field but his ground speed outmatched me.
12. I followed tracks.
13. +03:00Until this leg, I picked up pace constantly through race. However, I blew the exit from control, followed faux tracks and hit road 200m NW of control.
F. I may not have caught peer but beat him by 14 minutes anyway.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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