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Race Evaluation

Troll Cup, NE Champs: Day 1 Red


1. +01:00Fumbled around a bunch.
2. +00:30Sloppy route, came infrom behind.
3. +01:30Ran to the trail, did a weird 180, and ran around this big stupid loop before getting back on track.
4. +00:15Bobbled a little.
5. Wasn't paying much attention to the map, just running on a rough bearing. Finally got down to the marsh 250 m west of the control, but hesitated because things didn't look quite right and I was worried I might be waaaaay off. Hard to read the map downin those hemlocks in the dim early morning light.
7. I went straight. What's your excuse?
8. +01:30Couldn't quite make sense of contours, and bounced off the trail.
10. +00:30Got close, and did a little loop. This is a funny spot -- you'd think the reentrant would be a continuation of the reentrant down lower, but it isn't.
11. My first rule of thumb at Norwottuck: never contour across the south slope of the mountain. But I did, and it seems to have worked out fine.
12. The middle third of this leg was on the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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