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Race Evaluation

OCIN TROL 12 - Mounds SRA: Green


1. Trail to the junction near the bend, then straight down the spur. Slowed a little by downed trees.
2. Up the hill alongside ditch. Had planned to cut across rough open, but opted for the short detour N to the trail for easier running. Then off the trail just after passing dark green strip.
3. Cut through the medium green back to trail, then straight S down the spur from the trail bend, passing by a White control. I wonder if exiting #2 S through the more runnable parts of forest, then cutting across rough open to trail would have been faster?
4. Did not follow plan
Lacked concentration
Contoured along to trail, then down the hill to indistinct trail. Got slowed & distracted by thorn vegetation, subsequently drifted right a bit pass the control. Corrected when I recognized the larger reentrant north.
5. Didn't have a strong plan leaving #4, so headed back to the trail for a better look. Decided then to take a more direct route by going straight uphill, across rough open (it was slowish), then use the 2 long converging ditches as initial attack. Stayed high and contoured around to control. It was a good second half of a leg. Just needed better planning in the beginning. Going E out of #4 straight up the hill instead of S to the trail would've been faster.
6. Checked off ditch/trail crossing, then attacked off the bend.
7. +00:05Rough open's edge looks, uh, rough! So I stayed along the forest's edge to the trail, then up and over the ridge. Spotted the rootstock and rounded it to control. Lost ~5s trying unsuccessfully putting the SI unit back on the control stand.
8. The red line obscured the trail out of #7, so I headed SE toward the bigger trail momentarily. Attacked off the trail/ditch crossing (White control), over the broad ridge, and straight to control.
9. +00:02Down hill alongside stream, crossed road, and contoured along to pit. Only there was a secondary unmapped rocky pit a few meters N of the real one.
10. Straight - up down up down.
11. Did not check features en route
Underrated difficulty
Lacked confidence
Tried to aim off right up the hill, then turn left once I hit the ridge top trail. Only when I turned left I couldn't see the pond. Thought perhaps my aiming was truly off, so headed S (right) along trail looking for pond. ~50m later, I recognized the trail bend ahead and open white forest to my left. Turned around back to the pond. I hit the trail where I intended to, I just didn't trust my execution enough to keep going left on trail a bit further.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:52

Split Analysis

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