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Race Evaluation

Troll Cup, NE Champs: Day 1 Red


1. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
I started 2 minutes behind Pavalina Brautigam and hoped to catch her. At first my plan was to go to the end of the trail and attack from the intersection. I missed the trail turn on the right at the beginning and had to come back a few steps. Changing plans, I dropped down on the left to the open area, turned left at the trail, then right up the next open area. From there, I came across on the ridge right to it. Using this upper field as an attack point, it would have been quicker for me to stay on the trail at the beginning.
2. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
I planned to read the ridges across. I got over to the left too far. After going to the end of one ridge, I realized I was too close to the power lines; near a trail intersection. Coming back was a bit slow over the rocks but I hit it easily.
3. +00:10I started out straight intending to take the lower trail. However and unknowingly at first, I came out across the power lines at the upper trail. I hesitated as it took time to realize what I'd done. From there, I went straight across the small valley w/the intermittant trail and marsh. I continued straight up the steep hill, then over and right to the rock.
4. Did not like map
Unused to map
Heading for #4 I knew I was high going over to the power lines. I wanted to know exactly where I was when I crossed the power lines so I stopped to read carefully. The high tension poles were drawn inconsistently on the map. In one place the pylons were shown as 4 circles connected in an X but everywhere else, they were just a single hard to read hatch mark. Picking the correct reentrant, I dropped down staying on the left side. At the saddle on the ridge to the left, I climbed on top of the ridge and roughed in from there around the edge of it to the control.
5. +00:20Wish I'd seen what some other did about using the southern trails. I dropped down to the trail and planned to go straight across. The visibly wet marsh turned me left to cross, albeit slowly, at the (beaver?) dam by the lake. I continued to zig-zag across the straight route, staying in big valleys, contouring around large knolls and using portions of trails when they were headed my way. At one point I crossed a marsh north of a large rocky knoll. I crossed paths with Viktoria Brautigam just before the marsh. Climbing over one cliff, I hit a trail and turned left to the trail bend. Then, I set off toward the stone walls and saw Pavalina Brautigam. As I caught and passed her on the right, the stone wall was on my left. I didn't think she'd seen it but later she said she did. We crossed before reaching the large reentrant and I kept going straight. Pavalina stopped to read. I landed in a side reentrant and thought it was the one leading to the control. Actually it was one reentrant past the control but I was just deep enough in to see 60-70M on my right. I sprinted to it thinking Pavalina was behind.
6. Bad compass work
Going back to the big reentrant, I was surprised to see Pavalina still there reading looking for #5. I thought she'd seen me heading to punch. Since she hadn't I left in a hurry. My rough compass on the short leg took me too far right. Seeing the stream, I realized it and headed 90 degrees left to the control.
7. I thought to run along the left side of the stream, low enough to not have to go up and down too much. The vegetation sent me right and I hitting the stream, I decided to cross and use the trail. I was hesitant about where to leave it, then saw the rise and fall just before the marsh. From the marsh, I crossed and went up the right side of the reentrant. I felt slow and walked when I tired on the steep part of the hill. I got on the ridge for a while then veered left to keep from going over the top. I then somewhat contoured around to the control.
8. +00:30I went mostly straight, zig-zagging between knolls. I got past the control a bit and well to the right. Reading and coming back, I saw it.
9. Bad route choice
Underrated difficulty
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
I headed off straight. After crossing the trail, I continued straightish, with a big knoll on my right. Misinterpreting the map or the land, I stopped short and did a loop around what turned out to be a form-line knoll. As I realized I was too short, I saw Pavalina again. I got down the reentrant an punched just before her.
10. Pavalina was first to plan a route an leave. I gave chase at first. Pavalina followed the reentrants in a zig-zag. I went straight through the Mt. Laurel, tripping twice and falling. I figured the deep reentrant where the control was, was a good enough catching feature. We crossed paths twice but I ended-up there first.
11. I was more confident on this leg with an even more deep narrow reentrant to catch me. It was rocky however so the running wasn't too good. I got ahead of Pavalina and dropped down into the control to punch.
12. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Did not read control code
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Followed by others
As I left #11, I heard Pavalina scream over the hilltop and out of sight. She'd fallen so I asked and waited to see if she was okay. Eventually she popped over the hill. I wanted to get out quick and didn't read the map very well. Thinking of the trail for an instant, I worried that Pavalina would go straight and catch me. I crossed the big convergent reentrant and climbed along a cliff past a control. Going straight but being unconfident, my plan was to hit it or catch on the trail and come back. In a lapse of concentration, I didn't read the control code and didn't know what feature I was looking for. I came up along a trail but it was below and to my left. My bad map reading had lead me to think I would hit the trail perpendicularly if I'd gone too far so I thought I hadn't gone far enough and had somehow drifted too low. I climbed right, up along a reentrant. I passed a knoll and thought it should be a noticeable feature on the map but I didn't find it. Doing a loop, I then hit another trail. Still confused, I estimated my location plunged back in to attack and soon hit the lower trail again. I came around the trail this time going to the saddle and trail intersection, then climbing higher to where the trail split on the way up the mountain. Finally realize exactly where I was, I attacked downhill along a reentrant, saw the knoll and punched.
13. Not happy, I took the trail to the intersection, then diagonally to the rocky line. I hit them high and clambored over them going down to punch.
14. The rocky and loose footing kept me from opening it up. J. Friederickson must have flown down. I went around the marsh at the bottom to the control.
F. Running around a kid or two, it was a nice run in. I slowed a bit toward the end thinking not to be too tired for tommorow. Pavalina was there, having finished long ahead of me.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:15

Split Analysis

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