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Race Evaluation

NEOC Troll Cup Day 1: Blue


1. +00:40Trails to junction nw of flag - sloppy compass work put me quickly on top of cigar shaped knoll to west. Fairly quick correction
2. straight, but a bit slower trying to be more accurate with my bearing and reading terrain.
3. +00:30ran down reentrant west of line (not sure why in retrospect, not the best route) into the green on a straight line. slowed down by the green which I of all people should know better than to push into.
4. straight to small connecting trail then run down the long spur pace counting carefully before dropping down into reentrant about 125m before control. Into it cleanly on pace count.
5. +02:00Nice long leg - pretty much straight picking off various features enroute. Hit marsh a little south of the line and cleanly to the east end, then bungled my concentration and did not go high enough and quickly ran back to marsh end to try it more carefully. no problem the second time in.
6. +03:30Yup, there's more laurel down there than mapped missed to the west and into the broader rentrant midway to 7, then slowly back to control. Distracted by another runner in this area as well
7. strictly on bearing and pace count with no problem
8. a little slow up the hill, but picked off features enroute while pace counting and into the control cleanly
9. +05:00bungled this one. Cleanly downhill on the line to the knoll on west side of trail. Up reentrant trying to skirt south of green. Messed up my pace count and pulled up short by probably 30 meters. Not wanting to 'hunt', I immediately headed back up hill to try and cleanly attack from hill top to sw with boulders. Boulders were there ok, but once again more laurel than I mapped. (the downside of a rush-job update).
10. +02:00Due north (over the hill, ignoring my plan to minimize the climbing) to trail junction, trail around to west across seasonal marsh (dry) and up reentrant. Cut east too early ending up a bit low on spur by other boulders, then on up to where I needed to be.
11. +02:00Should have been smart and countoured around to the N, but being stubborn, I went up an over the top like a dope. Spiked the control though...
12. +03:00Down to trail, intending to go all the way up to the boulder field west of trail then cutting in past car. Opted to cut east earlier through the green - wound up high and unsure, so bailed out to the trail and back in on my originally planned attack point - clean the second time
13. +02:00back out to trail by boulder field then up reentrant and turned due north into control. Clean but beginning to cramp on the climbs.
14. +01:30threading my way down through the laurel a little west of the line, then up over spur in up reentrant. A little sw of knoll but the woods open enough to see it clearly so a quick correction and slow, slogging climb up to knoll
15. +02:00straight and dropping a few contours to attack from pond then up to cliffs - really slow and cramping badly now. This is painful
16. +06:00about 200m due west then slogging up through the reentrant system to main reentrant with flag, climb to flag at the end - painful and very slow... no running, barely walking...
17. +01:30out to trail up to saddle cutting west just before trail junction, across slope above cliff and down through the scree. Grimacing in pain the whole way...
18. +00:30Well blazed herd path down the slope, footing very poor, get distracted by film crew on S side of trail, out to trail expecting flag (as a go control) to be on the stream at the trail but pause for about a half minute confused before looking into the woods to see flag set back from trail.
F. Mustering what strength I have left to push it in on the road, glad to know I'm not quite the last guy out there.

Total Time Lost - 00:32:10

Split Analysis

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