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Race Evaluation

Mount Laguna: Blue, D1


2. Did not like map
Missed low but the control was too high, above the reentrant.
3. Read map too late
Bad compass work
First, went SE from #2 and to the S in the yellow; caught myself, turned around—probably 15 seconds. Went through the reentrant, between the third-green fields. Deviated to the S just before crossing the trail, so ended up going up the hill to the NNE, and passed through the parking area directly S of #3.
6. Did not like map
High, along the trail by the towers. Went near the saddle and down; saw the rock but not the bag. Thought it was the first rock blob, so went along the contour, almost to the little trrail. Saw nothing, turned around, came to the same rock, searched in the crevasses and found the bag.
7. Through the N saddle. This would have been a great route-choice leg if #6 were moved ~200 m NNE.
11. Bad map reading
Went across the fence while a gap was available just 30 m to the right or so.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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