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Race Evaluation

Mount Laguna: Blue, D1


1. Map
3. Lacked concentration
As I was following the indistinct trail through the vegetation, my mind wandered. When I checked my compass I was running at a right angle to where I wanted to go. I then got to beat my way through the brush out to the trail.
6. Came into the control from above. Saw Annabel down below.
7. Bad compass work
Did not mean to run towards the houses, but it told me where I was.
8. Fell as I was leaving 7. Annabel was behind me crossing the open area, so I mooned her.
9. Not thinking clearly
Saw a control on the left of the reentrant, so I ran to it even though earlier in the leg I saw that the control should be on the right hand side of the reentrant. Wrong control. I look across the reentrant to see Annable punching in and leaving the correct flag.
10. Made a mistake here.
11. Lost my motivation to push hard for the rest of the race.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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