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Race Evaluation

QOC: Greenbelt: Blue


1. +00:40Went straight but hit the stream up high and wandered.
2. Took the trail
3. +00:25Went past the bathroom but hit the green too low.
4. Took the trails. Surprised it was on the trail.
5. +00:30Took the road around. Saw Dave Onkst ahead just before reaching the Perimeter Trail and cutting it. Dave went straight on the road toward the Dogwood Loop. Cutting in at a trail bend to the control, I missed going high. Coming back, Dave was there and we punched about the same. I fiddled w/my map because I had inadvertently stuck my first control card in the map case. The second was in the holder on my hand.
6. Dave and I both got there close together again. It seemed longer than it shows on the map.
7. Went way around the green on the trail, nearly passing #8 to get to #7. I was hesitant again. Dave was right there too. As many times as I'd been in the park, I'd never been to this part. It made me feel disoriented a little.
8. Back mostly straight to #8.
9. Took the trails around past the Dogwood parking area. Dave went a more clockwise route on the Dogwood loop trails.
10. Memory Leg - I looked at the map for about 45 sec. Not feeling that confident any more, I took trails. I cut off too soon but could see it.
11. Memory Leg - I looked at the map for about 30 sec. Around the green to the left and right on the trail.
12. Memory Leg - There was no map to read. After searching for more than a minute I concluded it was stolen. Dave came behind and we hunted some more. We decided to just head back to #9/14. I took trails. Jon later told me that he guess the next gully location from the clue description and found #12 and the next map.
15. Trails went straight there.
16. +01:30I thought that since this was for training, I should take a harder route. I stayed high on the Dogwood Trail and tried to hit the alleyway through the green, down to the creek. The alley didn't last. I got pulled to the right. Nearing the creek, I cut left. I must have just missed to the right. Following the marsh I hit the creek and came back.
17. +02:45I stayed low, going to the road, then coming up and back. I wandered the gullies, not knowing which was which.
18. Taking the road uphill, I dropped down from the clearing with two signs, a little left of the pit.
19. +09:00Went low along the creek. At a distinct bend, I climbed higher but couldn't see any thing. I went on presuming I'd hit the wrong reentrant and repeated a few times. At the end of the green, thought to drop down to the creek again, cross and use the presumably white woods to get a better perspective. The vegetation had changed and the woods were worse. I crossed again, wandered, came to the north side of the green again, then took the trail uphill. Following the green south, I could see it easily.
20. +01:15I avoided the green by going north again, the way I'd come. I zig-zagged my way uphill, trying to identify exactly where I was. Upon hitting some gullies I realized I was southwest of the control.
21. +01:30Rushed out too fast and must have had a wrong bearing. I went wide to the left. Along the way, a 1" thick stick got tangled in a hole in my O pants. I had to break it to get loose.
22. Crossed the stream. Took the trail and dropped down at a bend. I had to go left a long way. Others said later they suspected the control was hung on the wrong pole.
23. +00:25Took the trail chasing a guy who had punched #22 ahead of me. I neared passing him at the fork so missed I the straighter trail on the left. At a Power Gel along the way. At the T intersection, I thought to go straight, then after a few steps turned around back to go along the parkway. At the knoll, I hesitated not seeing it but realized it was on the other side.
24. Along the parkway mostly then following the reentrant to the root stock.
25. Got close to the park road to avoid the green the up the reentrant.
26. Straight
27. Used the trails to cross Deep Creek, then left at a bend. I'd practiced trying to hit this spot once before but from the campground. I had trouble then but spiked it this time.
28. I went straight. There seemed to be an extra reentrant. I saw Dave and one other guy going down the reentrants toward a junction west of the control. I was surprised to see him there but he must have passed me at #19. I spiked it.
29. +05:30Begininig of the window. Would have been nice to have letters or something to go w/the control. Slow going to the creek. Went up the intermittant road most of the way toward the hilltop control first. Missed it to the right a bit. I wandered a big foolish loop further to the right before coming back to it. It turned out to be on a rootstock.
30. +02:30Across the ridge on the left side a little. I expected the control to be on the left side but upon hitting and following the ditch left I found nothing. I went completely backup up and down the right side, still following the ditch, before finding it near a large rodent hole of some kind.
31. Over the ridge again and down to the reentrant, then left. It was further up than I thought but was easy to find.
32. Straight, I almost saw it as soon as I left #31.
33. Straight, I almost saw it as soon as I left #32.
34. +02:00I got confused about which control I was on and headed toward the houses more than the road. Without codes to match-up on the map, I couldn't tell quickly from just what I'd punched so far. Saw the houses and turned back.
35. Mostly straight to the water control and drank.
36. Last control in window Box 1 was near the ruin. It was a little further than I thought it'd be.
37. Headed off straight but got confused about which ditch was which. Saw Dave Onkst again. He said he'd just punched 37. so I made a sharp left up and back to it.
38. Punching faster now with the second punch card on my hand, I took off for the trail. I left it just after a bend to hit an alley way between the greeen. Crossing the dry creek was easier than last year when I'd got hung-up in the green, nearer the bridge. I was surprised to be right on it.
39. I punched quickly and took off again. I saw Dave Onkst again. He was about to turn around thinking he'd gone too far but I got to repay him the favor at #37 by telling him the control was behind me. I ran fairly quick and spiked it going mostly straight. I pulled away from the fence as the ground began to rise.
40. +01:50The green drew me right. At the trail crossing, I wasn't sure exactly where I was but took a guess and kept going. I got too high then did a U-turn to the left coming down to find it.
41. Went straight. Passed right along the pit then upon finding some unmapped reentrants, I pulled up short. I had to go up and down and forward to find it.
42. Finally here was something I could do. Straight to spike it.
43. Down to the Perimeter Trail, then right up the Still Creek Fire Rd. Crossing the road, I attacked and curled in to it.
44. +01:15Start of window Box 2. Used the road, then went straight across toward the western most control. I missed it an hit the Blueberry Trail and had to come back up.
45. Straight across the trail to the next western most control.
46. Uphill to the control in the ditch to the east. Straight.
47. Southward, uphill and straight.
48. Downhill, almost due north straight. Messy & tangled.
49. Following the ditch northward mostly straight--tangled in green.
50. +00:15Over the ridge and down to the floodplain. I passed the reentrant but didn't see it right away. I circled a little.
51. East along Still Creek to the Park Road. Left, up the hill feeling strong still. Instead of going right at the intersection and using the trail, I stayed on the road until the next stream crossing. It was easy to hop the North Branch Still Creek above the stream and hit the trail. I only stayed on for a few steps before I could see the trail intersection way ahead. Cutting off to the right tbefore then, I spiked--though an easy control, I though the route optimal.
F. Didn't use the trail much. Ran past the port-a-johns left over from the Girl Scout event the day before.

Total Time Lost - 00:31:20

Split Analysis

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