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Race Evaluation

QOC: Pohick: Blue


1. Did not follow plan
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Started ahead of Ted Good and well behind John Torrance. Used the trails to the building, then for some reason thought to cross the woods shown as white. I got pulled too far right and hit the next trail. Puzzled, I hesitated on which way to go before using this trail most of the way the long way around. I was hesitant again about dropping into the reentrant. As I did, I heard noises behind me. I handed Ted the punch after I used it.
2. Disturbed by others
I asked and Ted told me he had just made up 2 minutes. He took off right away. I read slower. Ted stayed in the woods. I dropped to the trail with Ted only 20M to my left in the woods. As the trail and hillside turned right, we went straight over the ridge and dropped down the steep hillside. Crossing the creek in different places at about the same time, I kept running to what I thought was the spur. Ted slowed or stopped to read because the control code was a reentrant. After my own hesitation, I popped-up and over to punch first.
3. Disturbed by others
I went straight, across the ridges. Ted took a better route down across the flatter ground and got there first.
4. Disturbed by others
Ted was ahead and almost out of sight. I caught-up a bit and from behind could see he was going left a bit. I thought this was to avoid the steeper climb so I did too. We went up the ridge trail before dropping down the other side to the lower trail that I'd used on the way to #2. Ted got there first with the control visible from the trail.
5. Disturbed by others
Off up the trail, I gave chase. The reentrants on the right seemed odd. Ted stayed a little more left as I went right up reentrant, the left to the spur. I punched first.
6. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
Disturbed by others
I wasn't sure which way to go at first but ruled out straight as it was too much up and down. I headed up for the trail as Ted seemed to go a straighter but not straight route. I made it to the building where I'd made the mistake on the way to #1 earlier and turned left. After this, wasn't 100% sure about the way the trails matched-up. I just kept a rough compass bearing. Pausing at a trail, Ted popped out behind me. I went on, down into the bit reentrant. Crossing the stream and going along the south side, there was detail not shown on the map. I had it in my mind that I'd need to climb later so I angled my way upward to spread it out. Rounding the corner to the large reeentrant on my right, I realized I'd have to cross the reentrant so I dropped down. I didn't realize that I'd already passed the junction of the next two reentrants which were both very large. When I crossed, I didn't find anything and started a left/right search. It was green in this area and I knew I should be in white woods. I couldn't see the creek so I couldn't match-up the angle of the reentrant correctly enough to see where I'd gone wrong. Eventually, I bailed up and out to the trail. I expected that if I went right, the trail would drop to the reentrant the control was in. The trail kept going. I suspected I'd missed the larger reentrant entirely somehow. At the power lines, I wasn't sure if I was in the middle of the map or the southern end. Turning right, I saw the next trail so near and could hear cars, signaling that I was in the southern end and had been in the correct big reentrant. Runing all the way back to where the trail crossed the stream, I cut over and hit the control w/no further trouble. A nice person manning the control handed me some water.
7. +00:10I took the trail through the middle of the park, kind-of past # 13. As I was already committed, I thought going the southern trail route might be better since there was less climb. At the power lines, I rough compassed to the Orange trail, passing it, then eventually taking it up the big reentrant to the campground. I crossed the field where I'd played Desire Frisbee about 25 years ago when I'd camped here as a teenager. I got drawn left a bit to the bigger reentrant but realized it before going to punch.
8. Back up to the field and using camp roads to get to the paved road. I cut-in before the triangle intersection, across the Frisbee Golf course. Eventually, I came back to the road and saw John Torrance going the other way, noting it for later. I passed the pool parking lot and went through the woods. I soon hit the trail, taking it to the reentrant with the control to save climb.
9. +01:15Started to go straight, taking the trail to the campground. At the campground, I realize the better route and headed for the power lines and field. Still in the field, I saw the first set of drops on my left and passed them. When I thought I'd passed the spur, I cut in, thinking I'd better count the reentrants from there. I pulled-up a little short, then went on somehow passing it. Coming back only a little, I dropped down to hit it.
10. Straight on a careful bearing. At the steep downhill part, I went right a little but corrected as I went up. I could see it right on target ahead but it was a slow climb.
11. Up to the road, I passed another guy going the other direction toward #11? I used the road bend above the control to attack. A camper confirmed where I was after I'd made-up my mind to drop down.
12. +00:15Back up the way I'd come, across the field, then on the roads until the trail near the control. I left the trail on pace count, not wanting to overshoot.
13. Rough compass across the first trail to the next. I came out on the trail at the power lines and turned right. I planned to cut left along the drop-off but hesitated, even turned around at one point and then cut in early. Remembering the control code said foot of earth bank, I dropped down just in time.
14. I thought to go straight but got drawn right. At the trail, I figured it easier to use the power lines again. I could see an elephant trail throught he wet grass. I cut left before reaching bottom but still was a bit low. Someone else was coming at it from the other direction but I got there first.
15. +01:00Contouring across, I planned to use the fire road along the water (in hind sight this was not an optimal route). Instead of making the loop, I cut across but was surprised by the earthbank which was barely visible on the map. Going around, then using the trail, I attacked as the trail started climbing. I read the green and pace counted, having made mistakes here before.
16. Angling over and around the hill, I dropped to the intermittant trail. I didn't read well on the run or I'd have left the trail (left) at a bend that was visible. It worked out however. I climbed through the thick mountain laurel, I hit the white woods quickly and in the reentrant leading to the control.
17. Back along the reentrant to the trail, I blindly followed it down through its twists, rather than fight the mountain laurel. I turned left, crossed the creek and started to run hard. I'd had it in my mind that I was near the finish but couldn't make things match-up with that. I cut right and the control popped out in front of me.
18. +00:15I was hesitant about the trails but once they matched-up, I ran harder again. At the campground, I saw a control on my left. Thinking it wasn't right, I checked anyway before going on--better to be sure when brain dead.
F. Still brain dead, I had a hard time lining up the map for the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:55

Split Analysis

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