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Race Evaluation

QOC: Pohick: Blue


1. Trails to top of reentrant
2. Straight down to the trail along the water. then up and over the ridge. Misred the clue and thought I was looking for a spur while standing on the spur just above the control. Finally saw the control 10 meters away
3. Around the base of the hills
4. Straight up and over. spiked it.
5. Up the trail, then contoured from the trail bend
6. Spent a minute picking a route. Finally decided to go down toth e trail along the water and all the way around to the broad flat valley heading south. Probably not the best route.
7. Trail past #13, then more or less straight to trail jctn and contoured from there.
8. UP to the field, dodged the dog that charged at me twice, then skirted the field to avoid the dog. then cut through the frisbee golf course (dogleg left, par 3). Attacked from the trail to the N of control
9. Road, to powerline, to field, then count reentrants. control was lower than I expected.
10. Mis read the map, thinking the reentrant I was in intersected the large E-W reentrant. (Better get some reading glasses) Caught myself at the skinny ridge, then angled up the hill from there.
11. Huff, puff.
12. Ran the road, then attacked from the trail to the N of the control. Tripped on a root and fell hard. (Bad root choice?)
13. Trail to powerline, then contour.
14. Back out to powerline. Cut in at the trail bend, and contoured.
15. Contoured to ridge, then down the reentrant so I would know where I was at the bottom.
16. Back out the way I came in. Through the small saddke, then along the valley floor and straight up the hill at the stream intersection.
17. Trails
18. Trails
F. Love those downhill finishes!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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