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Race Evaluation

NEOC: 2014 Troll Cup: Brown


1. 2
2. D P 4 +05:00Halfway there I was right on, perhaps drifted a bit right, ended up in a boulder field. Should have been easy from there, but ended up circling, lots of marshes, not sure what was going on, but relocated eventually on a large marsh w of the control.
3. P D P R 3 Fine. Could read the terrain well, in contact all the way.
4. P D P R 2 A couple steps into the green and then bailed out to the trail. Easy approach from there.
5. P D P R Another good leg. Shaded right to pick up the trail before the junction, read the land fine. Passed some people in the last 50 m or so.
6. +00:15A little low, bumped into the stream, then headed right and up a line. Not bad, but not accurate either.
7. P D P R Very satisfactory. Aiming for the rocky reentrant I had passed going from 1 to 2, not hard from there. Thought I saw a flag on a hill, but it was an illusion, looked at the clue and realized it was in the reentrant beyond the hill.
8. P D P +03:30Fought my way across to the second trail, going by #3 in the process to avoid some green on the beeline. Got hung up in thick laurel patch for a bit, then got easily to the circle, small reentrant surrounded by knolls, but couldn't read the tiny details in the circle. Milled around with a couple of others, never more than 30 M or so away. Found it more or less by accident. Not sure how much magnification I would need to see what was going on there.
9. P D P +02:15Another shitty control. Clue was spur. Center of circle was a reentrant. Where was the bag? Hard to say. I went to the spur beyond the control, obviously nothing there. Heading back to relocate on something and found it. It did not appear to be on a discernible feature but had my number, so punch and go.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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