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Race Evaluation

SN Trophy & SE League: Brown


1. +00:30Took it steady as I got into the map. Should have stayed high to the north, but found it easily enough, slightly lower than I'd expected.
2. +01:30Not great: should have taken the path through but instead took a long route on the major tracks. Good final navigation though.
3. Hesitated at the top of the descent. Quick out into the open.
4. Quick, and pleased with this one, heading through the woods and up past the control.
5. +06:00Spent six minutes looking for it in the trees, and must have passed within 5m of it twice. When I finally found it, it seemed like there was a well-worn track that I'd missed before. Gutted.
6. Quickly on to this one.
7. +00:30Too many unmarked tracks held me up here, and so I stopped 10m short still scarred by the issue I'd had at #7.
8. OK. Could have made better use of the unmarked tracks.
9. Found easily enough. Feeling pressure from running with people forces me to make obscure route choices.
10. Almost right on it, had to bend slightly left from my bearing but quick anyway. Pleased.
11. +02:30Very disappointed. Stopped at the gulley before the ditch, and couldn't see through the high bracked. Ended up dropping down to re-locate.
12. +01:15Good approach, but over-shot in my enthusiasm. Strangely didn't seem to knock my confidence.
13. Nailed this one, using the beautiful contours.
14. Down to the track, along and in. Nailed again.
15. And another off the contours.
16. And another! I'm flying…
17. +00:15… so fast that I almost overshoot this control.
18. Could have taken a more direct route, but came round the paths to the south as I was familiar with them. For some reason looked for the tree, not the ditch.
19. No issues.
20. Had a good plan and executed it OK. Could have finished up more cleanly.
21. +00:45Slow start to this - I think I was tiring - but once I got onto familiar territory from #9, I was quick.
22. Very pleased with this, catching the temptation to drift right twice before I did it.
23. +00:15And then I almost ran off the map. Oxygen debt from #22? Off by 90°. Muppet. Good final bearing from the lone pine to the knoll.
24. And another, direct to the control.
25. This seemed to go very quickly, helped by spotting the control site from about 200m away.
26. Can't really remember the detail here, bu found it OK.
27. Down the track, and ran parallel to the road to hit the ditch, but even then was almost too far north.
28. Track-led.
29. Was looking at the wrong control description.
30. Very nearly headed off up the wrong track. The pressure of having someone on me again. Once corrected, I was fine on the approach.
F. And strong into the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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