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Race Evaluation

QOC: Kings Landing: Green


1. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
0-1 I helped w/Starts and Finishes before the meet. It was late after that so my warm-up was simply a run to the bathrooms. Though I copied my controls down, I tried not to look at the course much so that it would be just like the bigger meets. I tried to start calmly but out of the door, I did a 180 and lost a minute. My map was folded in the case so that I didn't see the top of it and I wasn't reading the type to see which way was up. I went past a small building then up to what seemed like an amphitheatre area. I turned left on the trail inexplicably. The scale being so small (1:5000), I was at the trail junction before I knew it and went right. Realizing the error, I came back and attacked from near the junction. I lost my splits by clearing my watch after running, when I picked-up controls. Estimate the time on this leg at over 5:00.
2. Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
1-2 Back up to the junction and down to the road. After turning right, I cut in left at the second set of reentrants near the road. I mistook a smaller reentrant for a larger one-again the scale was troubling me. Out and down a spur, through some mountain laurel, I had made a parallel error. After searching, I eventually I came back up all the way to the road, turned left and located near a power pole and a small clearing. Dropping down again, I drifted left onto a small spur, looked over to my right and saw it on the next spur. Estimate the time on this leg at over 10:00.
3. 2-3 Following the ridge at first, I continued straight, hardly stopping at the road. I came through near the clearing that I'd relocated on for #2, then rough compassed down. It seemed there was almost a trail near the end.
4. 3-4 Up along the ridge, a road-like trail appeared and got me to the paved road. Going straight in, I hit the spur dead on.
5. Bad map reading
4-5 Taking the shortest distance to the road, I turned left, then started to cut in early. Realizing the error after about 20M, I turned back and took the road to the power lines. I spiked it from there.
6. 5-6 Dropping low, I took the marsh route. It was not clear woods as the map shows. Instead, it was green to light green. I got my feet wet crossing the creek back and forth but not much. I made the error of going slow enough to count reentrants prior to the power lines. Even past the power lines which were just as easy to cross as the rest of the marsh, I didn't need to count because the control was easily visible from the creek. Estimate the time on this leg at around 6:00
7. 6-7 Crossing the marsh, there was a dieting elephant trail of sorts-more like a water buffalo route. I followed it as it went due south into the big reentrant, then right and up the next to climb the hill. I passed near enough to the clearing area to see it, then around the green. I almost ran into the broken barbed wire fence while looking at my map or compass. I crossed the first reentrant and spiked it into the next.
8. 7-8 Heading along the reentrant on the straight route, I crossed the deep gully near the knoll and could tell that someone else had too. I hit the left field, and kept straight. I was expecting to see the green as I neared the earth bank but on saw some to the right a ways and to the left a ways. Continuing straight to the earth bank, I spiked it dead on. I guess the green was below the drop-off.
9. Bad compass work
8-9 Left of straight to the trail and through the S-curve. I stayed on the trail a little to abate the climb crossing the reentrant. I didn't correct enough however and missed left a bit. Turning around when I saw the road, I dropped a contour, turned left and started to do my usual run around Sue. This time I stopped myself to read the map more. I figured it out and went right there though. However, I was headed in the right direction and would of seen it-this time.
10. Ran too fast
9-10 Meandering to the road, I followed it mostly to the power lines then cut right to a pole on the property line. The grass was high and not fun running as I made my way for the woods. Instead of staying on the property line (the fence was nowhere to be seen) I followed the reentrant down on the right side through the very nice woods. However, the scale got me again. I was in the mountain laurel before I knew it. I realized it, turned around and followed the edge of it to the hunter stand. At least I had read the feature this time. It helped because the control was well hidden behind the thick tree.
11. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
10-11 I came back a bit to go around the mountain laurel, then dropped into the reentrant on the left (west) side. Heidi Onkst's route around the reentrant was much better. Crossing the marsh, I tried to and for the most part, stayed dry but got drawn further left to avoid wetness and vegetation. Coming to #11 from the direction of #12, I had to cross 3 reentrants-I stayed a little high where it was drier and clearer. I saw Yulia and Christian Hanson headed to #12 on the way. It was a little higher than I thought but I hit it dead on.
12. 11-12 Back the way I'd come, I didn't bother counting much. Again I stayed high, crossing the spurs/reentrants. Yulia and Christian were punching as I got there.
F. Bad route choice
12-F I went straight up the hill. Having had made mistakes leaving a hilltop before, I thought I should leave from one of the cabins so I turned left to go to one. I dropped down in a reentrant and had to correct going right when I could see the pavilion through the trees. Time lost was at least 2 seconds which is what Peggy beat me by...

Total Time Lost - 00:12:35

Split Analysis

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