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Race Evaluation

BAOC Quicksilver O'Quest, Day 1: Blue


1. Bad route choice
Did not like map
N trail was faster because of an easier approach.
6. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Lacked confidence
Straight was faster because of an easier approach. You could see it from the previous spur, coming in straight. I took the trail and came down, and spent time looking for the (non-)clearing (a large tree fell over it).
7. Francois, who had the best split, took the higher trail. It was about 5 contours less climb (120 m vs. 145 m) and slightly longer. I felt like I could have gone faster on my route, yielding about the same time as Francois's—the two routes were about equal.
10. Bad map reading
Tried going down the impassable cliff. I'd get my chance later.
11. The King of the Hill! I won!
13. Not really a route-choice leg: up along the trail to a mined-out reentrant, then down.
15. Ran too fast
Did not like map
Bad map reading
First, tried going down some really steep stuff; had to turn around. Then, came into the open slope with pebbles (mining-remnants gravel?), and could not see all of the rocky ground on the map—just a narrow strip. Stopped and sort of proceeded down, and found another control in the mine (an X). Relocated—about 1'15.
17. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Was going to contour, but after the steepest reentrant, saw the 3rd green ahead, and a game trail, up 7 contours, to the road. Took it. Then, once on the road, had to go all the way to the spur, as there was poison oak and thorny *t along the road's fringe, and also extremely steep to go down. Everyone else who took the road had the same problem. Once on the spur, I went down quite slowly (misidentified the mining remnants by one terrace) and hit the impassable cliff. Decided to go down it; was probably an OK decision, given how long it was to go around, but I spent too much time hanging on the slope, holding onto poison oak sticks. I should have let it go right away. The best route (Vadimas) turned out to be the low road. Go figure.
18. Slow because tired; an OK route along the indistinct trail. Not really a route-choice leg.
19. A huge pit on top of the hill was not mapped.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:40

Split Analysis

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