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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs, Day 2: GreenX


1. Felt pretty good, although I guess I was stopping to read the map too much.
2. Same route as Peter, just slower.
5. Up the road past the hill. Saw a big pit on the way in, not mapped.
6. +04:30Crossed just s. of foundation, and into the green. Got turned around and showed up back by the path junction to the right. Pretty distressed. OK from there
7. Best leg. I was pretty steamed and ran right into it.
8. +02:30Not sure where I was crossing the trail. Wandered a bit, and ended up by the stream junction to the W, where I relocated.
9. +01:00Not thinking too clearly, aimed off to the trail way too much and ended up with a longish trail run.
F. +00:04Got excited by the finish banner and forgot to punch at the finish! Had to go back.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:04

Split Analysis

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