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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs, Day 1: Red X


2. +01:00Missed attack point (saddle) - veered right and relocated from NE of hilltop.
3. +00:15Hesitated 100m short of control
4. +00:30Hesitated at top of lower ditch
5. +01:00Poor route choice - went straight, in and out of multiple reentrants. Should have followed the low area around.
6. +03:00Failed to recognize ditch on west edge of circle and continued south all the way to the small stream before recovering.
7. +03:00Slow route choice - went somewhat left of line. Ran up NW-pointing spur west of circle and wanted to attack from the short ditch but must have crossed it without noticing. Stopped short and went back down to lower ditch before recovering. After I finished George Walker pointed out that I could have run across one ridge and the stream then followed the trail around then across the stream again and straight up the reentrant.
9. +01:00Didn't execute planned route (to stay high on ridge). Instead I ran left of line, in and out of reentrants, and through the clearing. Knew my location exactly the entire way but the slopes slowed me down.
11. +01:30Went to southern clearing as planned but didn't positively recognize it and went through to road. Attacking from the road, got the clearings confused and ran to the north end of the north one and mucked about a bit in some light green before recovering.
13. +00:10Stopped across southern ditch, 15m from control and looked in the ditch in vain, as Mark Voit punched unseen around a tree. Consulted control description, noticed no control on my spur, stepped back and looked right... Aha!

Total Time Lost - 00:11:25

Split Analysis

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