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Race Evaluation

Ran-it Granite: Sprint 1


1. I started a littel over a minute after Glen Tryson. I could see the first control from the start. I ran a bit left of the line to minimize climb.
2. I ran straightish. Once over the rise near the building, I knew just where I was. Looking at the green at the field edge, I opted to go left around it instead of on the right as the map seemed to indicate was optimal.
3. I ran up to the field ASAP and then got on the trail. Leaving from a bend, I ran almost on a straight line to it, altering only for some fallen trees.
4. I ran straight and true across the reentrant.
5. I debated going high but soon enough opted to go low on the trail around the first spur. I ran up the next but still didn't climb high enough to avoid the rocks. As I approached, I could see Glen running. I wasn't sure if he'd punched and was running away or if he'd already punched. I climbed higher making up a lot of ground on him as we eventually got there.
6. I was a bit slow deciding a route. Glen was out fast so I had to make up some ground. We both chose to angle around using the high ground. I was having trouble reading the small green X's for the rootstocks on the map but the clue description and seeing other people ahead clued me in to go to the second on. I still hadn't caught Glen.
7. I just climbed the spur chasing Glen and sucking wind.
8. I went left of straight and still couldn't catch Glen.
9. I was dissapointed to be going down again after having climbed already. I could see the control about a step after leaving #8.
10. I was already familiar with the control feature. I saw Glen waiver a little along with another woman. It seemed like I made-up ground on both.
11. I ran into the field thinking the control was in it. The temporary man made rock group not on the map had me thinking for a second until I realized it was temporary I closed in on Glen and the other woman from #10.
12. Straight
13. +00:04Back into the field ASAP, I along the dirt road trying to pass another F21+ runner. She picked up the pace so we ran about the same. I was going to cut straight in from the road but once there it looked too junky. I stuck to the trail and punched.
14. I started to go up the wrong trail, the western most one, but even before I'd gotte to it I corrected. I had to work to make up ground on the F21+ runner. An older man was ahead of us both and he cut in far too early. With the woman ahead, and knowing what the reentrant looked like from having run up it in previous races, I waited until I'd gotten to where I could see the trail bend ahead, the I cut left and climbe over and into the reentrant. The F21+ runner had gotten lower but heard me and pursued. I got there first.
15. I ran straight but honestly had lost count of which control I was on. I got to the rootstock and may not have checked the code.
16. I ran straight but had first debated internally whether getting up to the field first would have been better. I hit the control well.
F. I ran hard after hearing somone trying to run me down. It seemed like the F21+ runner was going to catch me but I got in ahead of a pack.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:04

Split Analysis

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