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Race Evaluation

CSU Hammond Pond Park-O: Advanced Course


1. +00:30Bad route choice; I wasn't yet concentrating well.
2. +00:10Sort of foolish route choice; ran straight to the cliff, then hopped down it.
3. Ross caught me here; we reached the control simultaneously.
4. Motivated, I charged down the hill and beat Ross to 4 (he made an error).
5. +00:15Waiting for traffic to cross the street. Also slow charging up the last hill; Ross beat me to the punch.
7. +00:15Hesitated about thirty meters from the control.
10. Slow.
11. Very slow.
12. +00:15Made a small error after passing the bare rock and cliff to the north; I didn't go quite far enough through the low lying area. Had to stop and check map before locating the control. Forgot to hit split button.
13. Slow charging up the hill.
F. A good leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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