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Race Evaluation

CSU Hammond Pond Park-O: Advanced Course


1. I actually DQ'd when I ran past the GO control, but thought I would post my splits for comparison. Good first leg up reentrant, then passing water filled depression on way to top.
2. Probably would have been smarter to run to L of line, but wound up R.
3. Past Start to trail.
4. Took straight line crossing N side of marsh, but wound up too far N despite presence of stream to catch me.
5. Went N around marsh, but perhaps should have run along roadway to S.
6. Trail run, although I hesitated just before end when I couldn't see the flag.
7. +02:40It perhaps speaks volumes about my orienteering skills that I cannot reconstruct what went wrong here. Tried direct route through green, but never saw wall. Thought I was running up reentrant E of control, but things didn't match up. Thought I had relocated on large boulder 50 m N of flag, but in retrospect, was not near a trail at the time. In any case, I ran S missing the flag again, then turned and spotted flag over my shoulder. I feel I need to return to the spot at some point just to figure out how I could have been so confused. Vadim appeared as I was finally heading back to flag.
8. E between green to below roadway.
9. On trail, then entering from E side of cut. Cute control.
10. Crossed road and cut ot EW trail, then straight in from trail intersection.
11. Trail run crossing stream on bridge, then taking R fork which was probably inferior. Vadim still 5-10 sec behind.
12. +00:15Got contours confused, and went L of bare rock thinking I was looking for cluster at S end of plateau, not a reentrant. Realized my mistake, but now approaching flag from blind side. Vadim beat me to flag approaching from more logical direction.
13. Had remembered that event website had reported 12 controls, so headed home when line out of 12 was heading directly to finish. Unfortunately, there was another control on the way.
F. As it was, ran E to trail network, then to Finish, although route along road probably superior, and might have had the other advantage of allowing me to notice Vadim heading up to 13. Oh well, had a fun time anyway, and thought the course was actually very well laid out. Thanks again to Alex for setting the event.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:55

Split Analysis

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