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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs, Day 2: Red-X


6. Almost overshot - was on edge of downed tree area slightly below control when I saw it. Small clearing seemed to go further east than shown.
7. +00:10Ran ridge to NE, then down across stream before hilltop. Took road to the right and then north paralleling stream. Hesitated at ditches on edge of circle.
8. Slow to decide route. Went NE uphill, reaching road just north of trail junction. Went north to clearing and down reentrant.
9. +00:30Had trouble getting through green before trail and south side was green as well.
10. Straight through the green - not so bad.
11. +05:00Major mistake. Intended to run up trail past paralleling ditches then straight to clearing. Failed to note very narrow reentrant right under line (looked like a ditch on the ground) and left trail way too early. Followed contour then down to small stream where I relocated. Went up hill and tried to follow edge of fallen tree area around, but area is more extensive than mapped and I didn't pick up on the contour features and was pushed well east. Saw a clearing and immediately assumed I had totally mistook my location and ran toward it only to realize it was the clearings that are just in the out-of-bounds area. Straight to control from there.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:40

Split Analysis

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