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Race Evaluation

MNOC - Sand Dunes State Forest: Red


1. Ran according to plan. Direct to the broad trail bend then to handrail along the ridge to the hilltop control. Solid.
2. Bad map reading
In prior races at SD my penmanship had obscured to important contour features. So this time I barely noted the control circles with my pen. This led to an error where I ran to the hilltop I marked with a tic and not to the other tic I made in the proper depression. Should have drawn notation the course with bolder ink.
3. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Ran a bearing to the road and read a few contours on the way. Jogged right and picked up the trail north, confidently heading to number four?!? more prominent control notation may have prevented this boom. Then rushed the recovery an missed the control. had to relocate along the road and attack again. Should have done that first.
4. +00:20Ran a western route when I could have taken the trail, a more interesting route, but not the most efficient.
5. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Bad map reading here. I thought I new where I was north of the marsh in the middle of the leg, but was really south. My bearings wehre good and I still hit the big marsh, but a lost significant time
6. spiked
7. spiked
8. +00:10Logging caused some uncertainty here. Ran coutours well. Though a little slow when I was not confident.
9. Took a chance
Tired to sniff out the end of the trail to the SE. Of course that bad lan did not work. and drifted too far east to the trail. Nailed the end of the leg.
10. spiked.
11. +03:00Botched the attack from the trail down the "Distinct Vegitation Boundary". Whatever. I should judt stick to contours at SD.
12. spiked.
13. Bad distance judgement
Ok. Uncertainty of distance ran led to slow running with stops. Would have been nice to pace count there.
F. spiked.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:40

Split Analysis

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