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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Colour Coded Stirrup Glen: 1


1. Bad map reading
slowed to a walk looking for the windmill on the map and also lost a bit of time looking for a knoll that was a boulder.
2. Bad route choice
bad route choice - i think the road would have been quicker, espicially as my angle was a bit wrong.
3. lucky leg here, i was looking for the road but must have run straight over it. a bit of lucky compass bearing running got me into the clearing - and Tania being just ahead of me.
5. Underrated difficulty
Did not read control description
Could not relocate
Lacked concentration
shocking leg - i did circles around the control feature inside the circle instead of slowing down and relocating better. not sure what exactly went wrong
6. luckily found the path and went straight to the control
8. Took the safe route. And may have been a longer route.
9. +00:30went a bit off course but corrected quickly
10. +00:15much hesitation recovering from the previous points misdirection
11. +00:30lost my direction a bit going down one of the slate hills and went too far north round the wrong hill
14. hesitated a lot in teh circle catching my breath - i remembered to punch before drinking!!
15. +00:10i copied the circle in the wrong place so i was looking badly for the control - control description would have helped.
16. +00:15started taking the safe route back to the road and then changed my mind - still an ok leg but i went further then i needed to.
17. +05:00really bad route. cut up the hill 400m early to the paddock and then went back down and had the circle in the wrong place - should have read my conrol description earlier.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:50

Split Analysis

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