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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Colour Coded Stirrup Glen: 1


1. Ran too fast
Ran slightly too far down the road before cutting in.
2. Good leg along the road straight to control
3. Did not plan ahead
Was indesicive about route choice - eventually took longer but safer option into clearing via erosion gully.
4. Followed narrow clearing - maybe a little slow through the green.
5. Followed others
Got pulled left by Ian on the blue course before realising he was heading to a closer control.
6. Good leg along path.
7. Great leg cutting path corner through green and the using veg boundary as handrail.
8. Bad map reading
Got a little confused by the uphill into the quarry as I misread downhill from contours :-)
9. Bad route choice
Took safe route along track - a tad too long. The confusion cost Alex a good minute though :-)
10. Bad route choice
Followed others
Along track but bad route into control following Alex... a bit of downclimbing here - should have gone for the gap.
11. Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Followed track and lost contact with map - ran back up shale into quarry and hit control by pure chance!
12. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Got confused by technical quarry features and took a way too long safe route around the outside of the quarry on the road.
13. Tired
Fairly good leg - maybe a little slow out of the control due to exhaustion.
14. No attack point
Could not relocate
What a shocker - didn't have a clear attackpoint and paid for it dearly... also should have stopped myself and relocated much earlier.
15. Tired
Lost motivation so walked most of this leg.
16. Hesitated
Disturbed by others
Saw Garry at 15 and realised I was still doing ok - did wonders for my pace. Took safe road route and hesitated a little when Garry went blasting off in the wrong direction.
17. +00:30Ran hard to the circle but then spent a little while searching for the control.
18. +00:15Good leg over the saddle - spotted the thicket from the top... maybe a little cautious down the hill.
19. Hesitated
Slight hesitation.
F. Really thought I had the sprint in the bag but apparently not ;-)

Total Time Lost - 00:16:35

Split Analysis

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