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Race Evaluation

BAOC B Meet, Briones: Blue


2. Bad map reading
Did not read control code
Got there but fixated on the #3 circle. Read the description for #2, however (a group of boulders), and looked for one of the boulder groups inside the #3 circle. Nailed it—no bag. Jerked back and saw #3. Went and punched and left towards #4. "Wait a minute, I had two controls on this here spur!" "*." Turned around and went to #2.
3. This was easy since I'd been here before.
4. Zigzagged a bit from not reading the map enough.
7. Read map too late
Did not read control description
Went right past the knoll. stopped, read the description, turned around.
12. Went quite anaerobic while running away from Dan Greene.
13. Bad route choice
Did not check features en route
Bad route choice—thought the contours near the control were down! But this was at most a 1'00 error. The remaining time was spent wandering in the poison oak after I got unduly upset about the route choice and missed my reentrant upon climbing up.
15. Ran into a horizontal tree right after leaving #14. *.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:35

Split Analysis

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