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Race Evaluation

LAOC Tahquitz: Green


3. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
pace counted from road bend and ended up a little short in an unmapped reentrant. Spent a short time there before continuing to proper reentrant.
4. Bad compass work
Somehow pulled to the left and ended up too far down the spur. Saw how close I was to the road and went back up.
5. Did not like map
Didn't think I'd gone far enough, but I'd counted two reentrants and saw a building. Also lots of others going up the reentrant. Spent some time deciding to follow them. (although the control was there, I think it was misplaced and it was the wrong reentrant)
6. Tired
This climb killed me! Knowledge of the map helped technically.
7. Tired
More climb
8. Tired
More climb! By now I was being helped by having Gary Dolgin on my heels. It motivated me. Glad I attacked this from above.
10. Bad route choice
Went straight across the hillside. Would have been faster to stay below in the open and then climb at the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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