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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds: Red course


2. Looked in the right place first, no control, and spent 15+ minutes looking all over the place and attcking from lots of directions. Finally moved on when course-setter Charlie showed up and said, "Yep, looks like this one isn't here any more."
3. Running with Gari Williams. Found a wrong control nearby first and checked the code just to be sure.
4. Attacked from the trail junction to the SSE, if you can call it that. I really just headed in blindly, got remarkably close, but had no idea where I was, and wandered around in there aimlessly for a while. Gari was lost in there as well, but recovered sooner. I also took a nasty stick in the eye at this point (just missed the eyeball; I nailed the lower lid pretty good, but no blood).
5. Rick DeWitt arrives as I'm leaving, but it's a while before I see him again.
6. Went pretty much straight, eschewing the trails. Seriously. They weren't going the right way anyhow.
8. Ran right past the control, went about 50 m too far, and had to come back. Rick catches up for good.
11. Went past #12 on the way.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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