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Race Evaluation

2015 MetrO League 1 - Macquarie Fields RESCHEDULED: Div 1


1. D P R +01:00Remembered the oob just as I was about to run through it, went round then ended up too far west.
2. P +00:20Struggled to figure out levels the tracks were on when planning route, but ok execution.
3. D P R +00:30Didn't really spot the open and overshot.
4. P P +00:20Hit attackpoint but overshot from track.
5. D +00:10Banana'd, Poor direction,
6. +00:50Slow down the hillside and over into the control
7. D R +00:30Poor concentration out of 6 and missed more direct route
8. R +00:40Should have gone off the map, missed the small track into the open and took the next one so had to double back.
9. P D P R Spot on.
10. D P Bit hesitant into the control through the rock
11. P R Slow going
12. P D P R +00:40Ran right past it, then struggled to relocate well
13. P P R +00:10Caught in crap coming out of previous control
14. P P R
15. P D P R Slow down the hill

Total Time Lost - 00:05:10

Split Analysis

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