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Race Evaluation

QOC Fran Uhler: Red


1. I believe advertised distance was 6.8k. I wore the Timex Speed/Distance watch (the thing that measure the distance using GPS technology). Disclaimer: I did not look at the reported distance traveled at any time while I was on the course. The distance I traveled according to the watch was 9.227 km. This appears to be pretty accurate based on my route choices. Had only one suspect measurement, but I could not recheck what I wrote down since I have already cleared my watch. Confused out of the start and run up the hill south instead of east over the bridge. Sort this out and head the correct way. Go to trail junction and then left to mound. Straight in from here. Distance for leg = +114 meters
2. My worst leg. Up and down over the mounds and do some ice skating. No really sure where I was. Not helped by the fact that Pat Z is looking for another control and George F and I are going to the same control. In retrospect, I wisj I had followed the power line to 16 and then headed north. Distance for leg = +122 meters
3. Get to the trail and then run up it about 200 meters. Realize my mistake and head back to correct area - through the worst of the green, of course. Shred the skin above my right knee. Distance for leg = +210 meters
4. Pick up 4 by way of 15. Follow stream to control. Distance for leg = error
5. To underpass hugging the stream. Left on trail, then right on the north trail. Look for footprints where I think I should turn in. No one has come this way yet... Turn in and find that I am just a bit above control. Not bad for me. Distance for leg = +154 meters
6. Follow vegetation boundary back to trail. Then to control. Stop at the water control afterwards. Distance for leg = +90 meters
7. Take trail. Sam L. catches up with me here. Go into control together. Distance for leg = +91 meters
8. Trail around and pretty much follow Sam in. Distance for leg = +208 meters
9. What else can I do but follow Sam, but we end up on the wrong end of the pond. Relocate and go to control. Distance for leg = +79 meters
10. Head straight to control, am a bit off. Distance for leg = +59 meters
11. Come into control from the trail to the west. Not sure why I didn't go straight. Distance for leg = +76 meters
12. To the trail and then into the control. See the last of Sam here. Distance for leg = +93 meters
13. Back to trail and then cross country. Have to admit that I wouldn't have taken this way but for Sam's tracks. Stop for water by #6 and then use stream/trail junction to angle to 13. Distance for leg = +113 meters
14. Best leg - dead straight and don't follow any tracks. See Tom S. heading out of here. Distance for leg = +14 meters
15. Went as straight as possible to the underpass ignoring whatever blue was on the map. Then went to 15 via 4. Distance for leg = +7 meters (seems like it should be a bit higher difference)
16. Go from 15 back to 3 and the up to trail around to power line. Over a few mounds to the top of the second big one. Here is the first place I see the most people. Distance for leg = +129 meters
17. Drop to clearnin under power line. Of course, now I see the trail I should have taken. But instead I want to take the Race Track Trail. I start though the green under the power lines, but decide that is a dumb idea. So, I head up and over 16 again and a few more mounds to get to the clear part of the power line and to RTT. Down to the intersection with Merket Trail and then angle into control. Now I understand why my footprints were the only one from this direection. It was a dumb choice. Distance for leg = +236 meters
18. Pretty much straight to control. Distance for leg = +37 meters
19. Straight to control - don't even skirt the pond. Skated right across. Distance for leg = +23 meters
20. Angle to trail and then up to control. Watch for track into the right area. Have water on the way. Distance for leg = +15 meters
21. Take trail back to water stop. Then up to control. Miss it pretty badly and end up on trail southwest of control. Up trail and then in again where Pat Z is coming out. Distance for leg = +309 meters
22. Trail all the way. Used the new ones marked in purple on the map. Distance for leg = +185 meters
F. In to the finish. Pretty exhausted. Have not run in a couple of months. Gained a few pounds also. Distance for leg = +30 meters Distance for course = +2357 meters

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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